Value in frustration

In whatever frustrates you, there is value. Frustration tells you, in no uncertain terms, that something is not as good as it could possibly be. And by so doing, frustration gives you the opportunity to make great improvements. There’s a reason behind every frustration. When you choose to be brutally honest with yourself, there’s also a value-laden and potentially life-changing response to that frustration.

The best response to frustration is not to fight it or resent it or let it break you down, but to learn and to grow from it. Perhaps frustration is attempting to convince you of the need to speak out against injustice, or pointing out changes that you know you must make in your own behavior. Frustration may be telling you that what you’re doing at the moment is not at all in line with your most authentic purpose. Frustration may be your way of telling yourself that you need to more fully prepare for life’s various challenges. It could be that frustration is helping you to realize that there must be a more effective, more efficient, more compassionate, or more sensible way to do some particular thing. Many great achievements and advances start out as frustrations. Every time you feel frustration, you have an opportunity. You have the opportunity to create positive value out of a seemingly negative situation.