An imperfect world

Life is not perfect, and will never be. If you wait for things to be perfect before ever making the effort, you’ll never get anything done. If you refuse to move forward unless you can be guaranteed of a perfect result, you’ll always remain stuck where you are.

Life is not perfect, yet it can be immensely fulfilling. Life is not perfect, and yet within that imperfection there are limitless opportunities for joy. Though life is not perfect, it is filled with great beauty.

Yes, the imperfections and frustrations are all around you. And it is very much worth your while to accept their existence and to deal with them. It is by living with the imperfections that you’re able to fully live. It is by accepting that you must operate under less than perfect conditions that you’re able to get things done. It is by being ok with the fact that the results won’t be perfect, that you’re able to make those results happen.

Sometimes things are so far removed from perfect that they’re downright awful. Even so, especially so, you can step confidently and positively forward. Remember, the good thing about life not being perfect is that there’s always room for improvement. Every day, no matter what, you have the opportunity to make those improvements.  You’re skilled and seeing what must be done, and you’re skilled and figuring out how to do it. In other words, you’re designed to thrive in an imperfect world. This very moment is your opportunity to do so.