There are many choices available to you. What’s the best choice? The best choice is to make a choice. The best choice is to make use of your power to choose. Yes, it can be difficult to figure out which option to choose, and sometimes after looking back on a choice you made you’ll realize you could have done better. But that’s no reason to avoid making a choice.

It is through the choices you make that you get your life to move in the direction you want. Choices make control and responsibility possible, along with achievement and fulfillment. Choices focus the immense energy that is your life. Through the choices you make, you communicate your preferences and desires to yourself, to others, and to the entire world. You cannot expect to live the life you desire if you’re not willing to continually reinforce your commitment to it. Your choices are the way you express that commitment. Choices bring your intentions to life.

You will not always make the perfect choice. However, you can always make the best choice, because the best choice is the decision to go ahead and make a choice from those available to you. Avoiding your choices, or delaying them, or fighting against them will not help the situation. Wishing that you had other choices, or that your previous choices had been different, is not the answer. Your best strategy is to realistically look at the choices available to you, commit to one, and move positively forward with it.