Energy of life

Are you running low on energy? Where do you find the energy to move forward? It’s all around you! From every situation, you can draw energy. From whatever happens, you can get new energy.

You’ll find energy in joy as well as in frustration. There’s energy in peace, in conflict, in hope and in sadness. The powerful thing about all this energy is that it’s completely fungible and able to be redirected. No matter where the energy came from, you can apply it in whatever way you choose. So all of it is energy that you can direct toward positive purposes.

If you’ve been extremely disappointed, there’s a great amount of energy in that disappointment. Feel that energy fully. Then, take a deep breath, focus on your most positive purpose, and choose to direct the energy you feel toward achieving what you wish to achieve.

When it comes to effectively utilizing all the energy in your life, connection with purpose plays a key role. Without a sense of purpose, all that energy coming into your life will do nothing but keep you in a constant state of turmoil. Being clear about your purpose enables you to harness all that energy, regardless of where it comes from, so that it moves you toward the fulfillment you seek.

Right now, and in every moment, some kind of valuable energy is coming your way. Take it all in, turn it in the direction you choose, and make something meaningful and magnificent out of it all.