Enjoy the beauty

What is beauty? It’s something that is impossible to define, yet easy to recognize. Beauty expresses truth in a way that cannot be doubted or denied. Beauty speaks to the heart, to the soul, in a language all its own. Beauty is where you look for it, for the beauty you see on the outside is a reflection of something you hold dear on the inside. Because of that, enjoying beauty will help you to more fully understand and appreciate the unique and valuable person you are.

Beauty will inspire you, for it can reach into you and touch your spirit in a way that nothing else can. How do you feel when you look out at a beautiful mountain vista? Does it feel like that incredible scenery is completely disconnected from you? Of course not. The more beautiful something appears, the more personally and intimately you relate to it. When you see a beautiful painting, it connects with something deep inside of you. When you listen to beautiful music, it feels as if you are a part of that music. And indeed you are. Because for beauty to exist, it must be experienced. In a very real way, you are the beauty you behold. You are the living spirit that brings that beauty to life.

Beauty means many different things to different people. What does beauty mean to you? Think about the last time you thought to yourself, “that’s beautiful.” Remember how it made you feel. Remember the hope and the positive longing it conveyed. Beauty makes you fully alive, and activates a powerful energy within you. Surround yourself with beautiful sights, sounds, objects, situations, aromas, thoughts, ideas and feelings. Beauty will give you real power. So enjoy the beauty of this day.