The majority of the people who have brought the world to the place it is today lived in situations that are far more hopeless than anything you will ever know. Do you feel there’s no hope? You’re wrong. There’s always hope. Hope doesn’t need a reason. Hope is its own reason. Hope brings its own energy. You don’t have to have a reason to be hopeful. When you are hopeful you will create the reasons.

Do you think somebody living in a cave thousands of years ago had hope, or had reasons to expect a better life? Do you think someone who was being chased every day by wild animals had reasons to expect a better life? Do you think someone who lived in the dark ages amidst squalor and tyranny had a reason to be hopeful about the future?

No. But all of those people went about their daily lives with faith that their actions would produce results, with faith that they would slowly but surely rise above their conditions, with faith that the world would respond to their love for it, with faith that life would respond to their love for it. They had faith that beauty would show itself. They had faith that joy was possible, that joy was imminent, to live and to experience. Today, you have so much more.

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Because when situations become difficult, people become determined. And when enough people become determined enough, good and positive and valuable things begin to happen. Hope, which may have previously been nearly impossible to see, begins to spring into action. When the darkness becomes unbearable, someone will step forward and shine a light. And that light will inspire others, and others, and others.

Do you need a reason to be hopeful? No, you don’t need a reason to be hopeful. Be hopeful. Be hopeful and create your own reasons. Be hopeful and lift up all those around you.