Live creatively

Every situation is an opportunity to create something new and valuable. We tend to associate creativity with the fine arts, yet creativity is so much more than artistic creativity. There are ways to be positively and valuably creative in all areas of life. Anyone, anywhere can be creative. It’s just a matter of opening your mind, stepping outside the comfortable box of your limitations, then putting into form and action the original thoughts that come to you.

You are a unique person. There is no one else exactly like you anywhere. You can express yourself, and express the beauty of life, in ways that are completely new and original.

Creativity does not get used up. In fact, the more you exercise your creativity, the more you have of it. Creativity feeds upon itself. What may at first seem like a small, insignificant idea, can grow into something substantial when you let the creativity continue to flow. A magnificent painting begins with a single brush stroke, creatively applied. One creative act leads to another, and soon you have a masterpiece. We often imagine creativity as being on a grand scale, and yet it is in the grainy texture of life that true creativity occurs.

Thoughtfully responding to situations, rather than mindlessly reacting, is a powerful form of creativity. Seeing the beauty in every detail of every day is a completely creative way to live. Recognizing the opportunities that are hidden in the obstacles is also a way of living creatively. Moving forward instead of fighting back is a great way to be creative.

Make something that has never been made before. Look at the world in a new and different way. Express yourself in a unique, original fashion.

Every moment is an opportunity to create. To create what? Not merely amazing inventions, magnificent images or profound strings of words, but a life of fulfillment and purpose. At any time and in any place, be creative. Escape the limiting patterns that hold you back and create a life of greatness. Express the beauty that is your life in a new and different way with each passing moment. That is living creatively. That is being truly alive.