You wouldn’t slam down a whole bottle of wine in one gulp. A good wine can be immensely enjoyable, but only if you take the time to savor it. Take the time to savor your dream. Don’t expect it to be instantly fulfilled. Truly enjoy each step of the journey. Some of those steps will be fun and exciting. Others will seem more like tedious chores. All of them are necessary, and they all add to the value of the whole experience.

If the fulfillment of your dream came instantly, it would be worthless.

Life comes to you in great abundance. Lovingly taste each moment as it comes. Take care not to hurry past the richness that is already here. Tomorrow’s treasures can wait until tomorrow. Live today’s treasures while they are here. Give yourself time to absorb the goodness of now in all its bounty. Give yourself time to live with meaning, instead of just rushing through. There is more than enough available to you already. Instead of striving toward what’s next, make the most of what’s now. It is all here, now. Live the abundance in your own special way.