Your greatest opportunity

There are certainly a lot of problems in this world, yet there are even more positive possibilities. In fact, many of the best possibilities for moving forward are hidden in the problems and challenges.

It’s easy and natural to worry about the problems, and to try and wish them away. Yet it is actually far more powerful to embrace the problems, to welcome and appreciate them. Because when you do, you can begin to see those positive possibilities.

Nobody would willingly choose to have a life filled with problems. Yet as long as the problems are there, you might as well make the most of them. You might as well find the real value that’s in them. You might as well walk right up to them and discover the positive possibilities associated with them.

The most difficult problems almost always have the most powerful opportunities embedded within them. Why is that? Because there is so much on the line. There is a large amount of value to be lost or gained, depending on your response.

Think of it this way. In your greatest problem, you’ll likely find your most valuable possibilities. So instead of trying to run and hide from that problem, turn around and face it head on. Decide that, instead of letting the problem get the best of you, you’ll figure out how to create real value and richness for your life out of it.

That may sound crazy, but consider this. Your biggest problem provides you with a great big, heaping dose of motivation, with a lot of determination thrown in. When you have a reason—a powerful and personally meaningful reason—you will find a way. So do exactly that. Find a way to make your problem into an opportunity. Feel the motivation, feel the determination, feel the power of your purpose, and put that power to work.

Choose to transform your greatest problem into your greatest opportunity. And soon you’ll find yourself wishing for even bigger problems.