Yes you can

You may be tired. You may be discouraged. You may be uncomfortable. No matter what, your best option is to move positively forward. Hanging on to past disappointments will only hold you back. Taking comfort in being a victim gives you no real comfort at all. Staying safe by never venturing out, by never taking risks, is the riskiest thing you can do because it guarantees that you won’t get anything accomplished.

It takes effort to move forward. It takes courage and determination. Fortunately, you are filled with courage and determination. Yes, you may feel some fear and trepidation. But courage is not the lack of fear. Courage is the ability to feel your fear, to listen to what it has to say, to allow it to prepare you, and to move forward. Determination is surely yours. You know what you desire. You know why you desire it. Just keep those things in your mind and you’ll have plenty of determination. It’s not complicated. It’s within your reach.

Yes, you have your limitations. Yet no limitation can hold you back when you’re determined to transcend it. Everything you have ever accomplished has been done in spite of your limitations. Over and over again you’ve proven that the limitations, whatever they may be, need not stop you. They challenge you and make you stronger.

Are there obstacles? Yes, of course there are. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. In fact, it is precisely the challenge involved in reaching it that makes anything valuable.

What is the most positive, wonderful thing you can imagine for yourself, for your life, for the ones you love, for the world in which you live? When you can imagine it, you’re well on the way to making it a reality. If it were impossible there would be no way you could even conceive of it. Live with the knowledge and the assurance that the best you can imagine is indeed available to you, is indeed possible for you.

You are filled with valuable experience. The things you’ve done and learned and seen and lived through have left behind a unique and powerful substance of experience that is yours alone. It would be a shame for that to go to waste. It is yours to make use of, yours to build upon, yours from which to grow. By making this present moment count, by tapping into the value of your experience and doing something productive with it, you also make all the past moments count even more. You cannot live in the past, yet you can draw from the value you created there. Invest today’s actions with the wealth of experience you’ve accumulated, and that investment will immediately begin to pay dividends.

You are just as good, just as worthy, just as valuable as anyone. No one is better than you. You are the best there is. Inside you is the potential to do, or be, or have anything you desire. No one has more than that. Some may have progressed farther down the path at this moment, but that doesn’t make them any better than you. Your life is filled with possibility. You are worthy of reaching for the greatest of accomplishments. And you are worthy of achieving them, no matter what other people think of you, no matter what your job title is, no matter what you have done up to this point in life. You are worthy of the best.

There’s no reason to be dismayed by what others say or do. If they want to behave negatively, that’s their problem. It doesn’t have to be yours. No person knows what’s best for you more than you do. No other person knows what you’re capable of accomplishing more than you do. Certainly others can support and encourage you. Others can be of great help to you, and you to them. See the good and the positive in those around you and connect with it. Pay no mind to those who would drag you down with their criticism. There’s no need to let someone’s opinion stop you. It’s just their opinion. You are who you are, regardless of what others think, say or do.

Things will not always go as you planned. Things will not always work out the way you intended for them to. When that happens, you’re fully capable of making the necessary adjustments and moving on ahead. There’s no need to let the disappointments keep you down. Dwelling on disappointment comes from the mistaken belief that there is some value in being a victim. That is simply not true.

Instead of letting the setbacks set you back, decide to let them increase your determination. Channel the energy of your disappointment into the positive efforts of your comeback. When you’ve been knocked down, give yourself a pat on the back for making the effort, learn from the experience, then resolve to quickly get back in the game. What could have been will not do you any good. What will be is where your thoughts and efforts can be most effectively focused.

You deserve the best. You are worthy of the best. You are capable of the best. Every setback is temporary when you resolve to keep going. The greatest accomplishments happen when you get just a little way beyond the point where others would have quit. The difference between someone who enjoys magnificent success, and someone who just manages to get by, is the willingness to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to reach the goal. You most certainly have it in you to do that.