Your obligation

It was highly improbable and in fact virtually impossible that you would ever exist, and yet, here you are. You cannot do more than merely scratch the surface in imagining how immensely fortunate you are to be experiencing this day.

So, with all that good fortune going for you, what are you going to do? How can you spend this moment, this day, this lifetime in such a way that will acknowledge and adequately make use of the wonderful, fortuitous circumstance of your existence?

It would be pretty foolish to spend even a few moments of it feeling sorry for yourself. It would be extremely wasteful to spend it worrying. It would be absolutely ridiculous to spend it complaining.

Start with a reality check. You’ve beaten the odds, by a long, long shot. You have an opportunity so rare and so valuable that the immensity of it cannot be comprehended. So here’s the question to ask yourself. What do you really, truly want to do? If anything at all were possible, what possibility would you choose to bring into being, making full use of all the great advantages that are available to you?

Is it selfish to spend your precious life pursuing the things that you deem most important? Absolutely not. Because along with the fact that you are unimaginably fortunate to be here, is another undeniable fact. You are unique.  There’s no one else exactly like you. Put those two facts together and you cannot escape the conclusion that there’s a very good reason why you want what you want, why you value what you value.

How silly it would be to be embarrassed about what you desire, or to apologize for what you truly want to experience in life. You are the only opportunity life will ever have to experience itself from your perspective. So do not hesitate for even one moment to go for it with everything you can give.

Live your good fortune by living the life you truly want to live. No, it’s not selfish. It is your obligation.