Five ways to rejuvenate your enthusiasm

Are you feeling burned out? You won’t get much done in that state. Consider one or more of these techniques to go from being burned out to being passionate and enthusiastic.

1. Re-connect with your natural enthusiasm. Ask yourself what you would do if you could do absolutely anything you wanted. Answer honestly, and you’ll remind yourself of things you’re naturally enthusiastic about. Just thinking about those things will raise your level of enthusiasm a little bit. You can take it a couple of steps higher by acting on your desire. You don’t have to completely fulfill that desire. Simply moving in the direction of it will remind you of what it feels like to be enthusiastic. Suppose your answer to above question is that you want to travel to the coast of Oregon to take scenic photos. Though you may not be able to make the trip right now, you could take your camera to a nearby park and shoot photos of wildflowers. Find the enthusiasm hidden in your desires and give it a way to begin flowing.

2. Take a walk. Taking a walk for the better part of an hour will do three important things for your enthusiasm. First, it will get you physically active. That in itself moves you to a higher, more positive perspective. Taking a walk will change your perspective in another way—literally—by providing you with an ever-changing set of surroundings as you physically move yourself through the world. In addition, it will give you some time to spend sorting your thoughts. Leave your phone behind or shut it off, so you’ll be able to truly distance yourself from whatever is fueling your burnout.

3. Remind yourself why. Whatever it is that has you burned out, there’s a reason why you initially chose to do it. There’s a reason you continue to do it. After all, if there were no reason you’d simply walk away and not look back. But somewhere in there is a reason why. Somewhere there is a connection to a purpose that’s deeply meaningful to you. For example, even if you’re working at a job that you mostly despise, you are getting a paycheck, and that money enables you to support your family, which is of utmost importance to you. Making that connection enables you to feel some degree of gratitude for the situation, to look at it in a more positive light. That’s a foot in the door for enthusiasm and increased effectiveness, even if the enthusiasm is directed toward finding another job.

4. Make a real and meaningful difference in the life of someone else. Burnout is fueled by constantly thinking of yourself and your own situation. Expand the awareness of your mind and your heart by seeking to be of service to others. Helping other people with their problems will put your own problems in a whole new, more positive perspective.

5. Take time to enjoy. Be happy just because you can. See yourself not as someone who is tired and burned out, but as someone who is positive and enthusiastic. Yes, it can actually be as simple as that. Happiness is a state that you can enter whenever and wherever you choose. You don’t necessarily have to be happy about anything in particular. You don’t necessarily need any person, thing or situation to make you happy. Be happy and enthusiastic just because you can. Be enthusiastic just because it feels so good. Let go of your resistance, and let positive enthusiasm for life flow from your heart.