Live with persistence

Live with persistence. The great experience of today will be yours when you stick around long enough to find it. Success and fulfillment are to be found just on the other side of discouragement. During the course of this day, you’ll no doubt encounter numerous reasons to just give up and hope for a better day tomorrow. Yet when you give up or give in, it moves you backwards, not forward, and you actually set yourself up for more disappointment as time goes on.

Persist now while you can. Today is when things will happen for you, yet the good things will rarely come easy. Persist through discomfort, through fatigue, through discouragement, through others who attempt to drag you down. With enough persistence, tiny, soft droplets of water can wear away the hardest stone. With persistence, a small seed can grow into a towering tree. With persistence, anyone can make a difference.

With persistence, one small effort builds on top of the one before, until the combined force is undeniable. Small, focused efforts, strung together over time with persistence and determination, bring about magnificent results.

Expect the best, and if it does not come, expect the best again. Your positive expectations will indeed pay off, when they are persistent enough. Learn from your mistakes, and if that leads to more mistakes, learn from those as well. You are sure to find what works, when you are persistent enough. Give all you have to the effort, and if it doesn’t bring the results you want, give all you have again. The achievement you seek is going to happen, when you are persistent enough. Meaningful persistence is not a sometime thing, on one day and off the next. The persistence that gets you where you want is the persistence that continues until the goal is reached. No one can say before you begin just what the measure of that persistence must be. Yet it’s clear to see that what truly works is when persistence persists as long as it takes. What you seek is yours when what you contribute is the will to keep going. Reach for your dreams and see them come true by being persistent enough.

So much effort is wasted because it is spent against itself. In your impatience you can zigzag off in so many different directions, and end up covering very little ground. Only by focused persistence can you reliably and consistently make progress, and utilize your efforts for all they’re worth. Your persistence will make you stronger and infinitely more able to live the great experience of today.