Remote control

Are negative, self-destructive behaviors holding you back? If so, then the bad news is that your own negative behavior is standing in the way of your best possibilities. The good news is that you can change it. Consider this. What if there was someone, sincerely acting in your best interest, who had a remote control [Read More...]

Genuine freedom

Acceptance will bring you genuine freedom. You cannot ever be truly free if you’re hiding from the reality of your life. That reality is always lurking in the corner of your awareness. The very best thing to do with it is to bring it out into the open, where you can deal with it once [Read More...]

No need to wait

Think of a time when you were filled with joy and excitement. Remember how fully alive you felt? Remember how great it was? That feeling can be yours again. It never really left you. It is with you now and available to you any time you decide to experience it. It is yours when you [Read More...]


Assumptions can be very useful. They save you the time and trouble of having to figure out the same thing over and over again. When you first moved into your neighborhood, you probably had to figure out what route to drive from your house to the nearest major road. That may have taken some time [Read More...]


You are responsible for your own life. It’s not really a choice. It’s simply the way things are. The choice comes in the degree to which you accept, value and act in accordance with that responsibility. The quality of your life depends on your willingness to exercise your responsibility in appropriate and successful ways. Your [Read More...]

Challenging beliefs

There is no doubt that challenge builds strength. It is a key theme of life. Muscles that are challenged to lift heavier and heavier loads become stronger as a result of the training. Minds that are challenged to solve more and more difficult problems become increasingly adept by the experience. An excellent way to turn [Read More...]

Succeed anyway

Every person who has ever achieved anything of value has done so in spite of the challenges standing in the way. You can do it too. You were born to solve problems. You’ve been doing it all your life. You’ll continue doing it every single day. Life is a continuing series of challenges. You cannot [Read More...]

Control your consequences

Do you pay a price for your actions, or do you reap rewards from them? Almost everything that comes your way is a result of something else. Every action you take will bring consequences. Suppose there’s a lamp in your house that is controlled by a switch on the wall. You flip the switch on, [Read More...]

Be yourself

Abundance gets blocked when you try to live life on someone else’s terms, when you adopt the goals and dreams of someone else. You are your own person and the abundance in your life is special and unique. Don’t depend on someone else to tell you what is joyful and fulfilling. Whatever gives you true, [Read More...]


Challenge is a powerful energizer. A personally meaningful challenge can get you up and get you going. Challenge can motivate you to take actions that you would otherwise never even consider. Would you like to bring razor-sharp focus to your thoughts and efforts? Then set a challenge for yourself. Make it a real, substantial challenge [Read More...]