Live in joy

No matter how much joy you’ve known, there is always more joy to be experienced. Each moment brings new possibilities for adding richness to life. The best days of your life are never behind you, unless you choose to see them as such. For no matter how life has been, there will always be opportunities [Read More…]

Allow prosperity

What is it that determines the amount and nature of prosperity in your life? It may seem obvious to attribute your level of prosperity to factors such as your job, your financial investments, the condition of the overall economy, or even to influences such as your lifestyle and the people you know. These factors and [Read More…]

Allowing life’s goodness

Life’s goodness does not always come to you in the way you expect. In order for goodness to flow through your life, be willing to fully accept each moment as it comes. Instead of putting your energy into judging whether the moment is good or bad, frustrating or exciting, worthwhile or a waste of time, [Read More…]

Achieve without limit

Your limiting beliefs are holding you back. Their power comes largely from their stealth. They hide in your subconscious, reminding you again and again that you cannot do this or that, when in truth you really can. Though you may not even consciously think about those limiting beliefs, they greatly affect your thoughts and actions [Read More…]

Exercise your imagination

The Internet and all our other amazing information technology makes it extremely easy for you to find any piece of information you seek. Perhaps it’s too easy. There was a time, not so long ago, when you would have to fill in the gaps in your knowledge with imagination. Now, many of those gaps have [Read More…]

Five techniques for getting past resentment

What has your resentment done for you lately? What positive thing has it ever done for you? Probably absolutely nothing. The sooner you can let it go, the sooner you can move on to more productive and fulfilling things. Here are five methods for doing that. 1. Realize the folly of your resentment. It’s wasting [Read More…]

Let go of the need to need

If you’re worried about making it pay off, it won’t pay off. If you’re consumed with the fear that you’re wasting your time, then you are indeed wasting your time. When you try to force your efforts to get results, you end up pushing those results away. Why is that? It’s simple. By very definition, [Read More…]

Love is why

In the stressful world of our daily experience, love calls us back to the beautiful, peaceful reality of who we truly are. When pain, disappointment and frustration seem to have no end, love heals the wounds and renews the spirit. Love is not a product or a strategy, not a possession or an advantage. Love [Read More…]

Five ways to love what you do

When you get in the habit of loving whatever you’re doing, you can always be doing what you love. And when you’re doing what you love, you know you’ll be extremely effective at it. So how do you get yourself to love what you do in every moment, even if it’s something that you assume [Read More…]

Sometimes faster is slower

It’s easy to make the assumption that the faster you go, the more effectively you’ll be able to use your time. From fast food restaurants to high-speed computers to overnight delivery services, there is a lot of focus in our culture on doing things increasingly faster. And it makes sense, of course. The faster you’re [Read More…]