Experience joy

Find something you enjoy for its own sake—not because it will give you a networking opportunity, not because you will learn something, not because it will set a good example for your kids, not because it will look good on your resume, not because it will improve your social standing. Find something joyful that you [Read More...]

Let go of excuses

Excuses make it easy for other people to take advantage of you. There are plenty of people who will listen to your excuses and then make all sorts of promises to help you. They’ll convince you that you can eat everything you want, never exercise, and still lose weight, just by taking the pills they [Read More...]

Inspired by you

If you’re looking for someone to inspire you, don’t forget to look in the mirror. The fact is, you’ve had plenty of successes in your life so far. You have survived every challenge you’ve ever been faced with — otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? Sure, you’ve made some mistakes. And yet, you’ve done a [Read More...]

What’s right?

Too often, we define our lives by what’s wrong with us. That limits us, and keeps us negatively focused. Instead, look for the positive things and be sincerely thankful for them. Look at your long list of assets, of skills, knowledge, relationships. Those are the good things in your life. Don’t ignore the negative, but [Read More...]

On the other side of limitation

If something seems to be a limitation, put yourself temporarily on the other side of it. Get yourself there as completely as possible, whether it is just in your mind or to some degree in reality. Then, imagine looking back and seeing how you got there. Once you’ve already accomplished something, it’s far easier to [Read More...]

Little thoughts

The little thoughts matter even more than the big thoughts. That’s because the little thoughts are far more numerous. It’s great to sit down and think up positive goals for yourself, and even to re-affirm those goals on a daily basis. Yet the way to actually reach those goals is to stay continually focused on [Read More...]

The path ahead

There’s nothing to be angry about. There’s nothing to be bitter about or resentful about or spiteful or discouraged or disappointed about. Because right now, here, today, in this moment, you are able to move forward with more strength and more experience and more knowledge than ever before. Whatever brought you here is over. It [Read More...]

Urgently patient

Great success comes from having a sense of urgency about taking action, and a sense of patience about getting results. The fact is, that actions taken today will bring results in the future. An action and its result do not happen simultaneously. Yet without the action, the result never occurs. So, it is necessary to [Read More...]


Consider the enormous amount of time that is wasted by being rude. Rudeness gets in the way of effective communication. It makes things difficult, expensive and time-consuming for everyone involved. It is really easier, less costly, and less stressful to be courteous and polite. Being courteous does not mean being a wimp. You can be [Read More...]

Leading with Heart

By John J. Murphy There is no substitute for heart. It is the altar of Spirit, the center for inspiration. One cannot fake authentic courage. Where there is doubt, there is disbelief. One cannot pretend to be compassionate. These are qualities of the heart, not the mind. We use the mind to gather information, to [Read More...]