What really matters

What really matters to you? Think of something you desire. It can be anything, something whimsical or profound. Now ask yourself why. What is it about reaching that desire that will bring fulfillment to you? Is it the thing itself or is it the process of achieving it? Or is it because it will lay [Read More…]

Expect the best

When you treat people as if they’re no good, they’ll prove you right almost every time. And when you let people know you expect the very best of them, again they’ll usually prove you right. Expectations make a significant difference in performance and results. Expectations are often a self-fulfilling prophecy. So it makes sense to [Read More…]

Always there is joy to be found

Wherever you may be in life, whatever your background or current situation, there is joy to be found. Over and over again, modern culture relentlessly shouts the message that joy is possible only when you’re comfortable, entertained, and have the material means to be continually self indulgent. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. [Read More…]


Passion is like gasoline that you put in your automobile. By itself, gasoline is dangerous and easily ignited. Yet when fed to the well engineered and maintained engine, the gasoline can be a powerful, driving force. Indeed, the automobile cannot operate without it. Similarly, your life cannot operate without passion, and yet pure, uncontrolled passion [Read More…]

You can do it

When the going gets rough, and it seems like you just cannot take any more,  remember — you can take it, you can make it, you can do it. All it ever takes is one step. One step in the direction of your goal. One  step away from your troubles. Just one step. And then [Read More…]

Know why

Accomplishment comes when you clearly know why you’re doing it. If you’re vague and unclear about the reasons you’re pursuing it, the accomplishment is never going to happen. Yet when you are filled with passion for the accomplishment, when it is clearly and unmistakably connected to your most deeply held purpose, then it will surely [Read More…]

Taking action

How do you get yourself to take action now? Here are some powerful suggestions. Focus intensely on the positive things that your action will accomplish. In your mind, visualize in great detail and richness what your actions will bring you. Whether it’s something you’re seeking to accomplish, or something you’re seeking to be rid of, [Read More…]

Creating your future

At this very moment you are creating your future. That future is, for the most part, open ended. Sure, a few limitations have already been placed on it. Yet those limitations pale in comparison to the unimaginably vast possibilities still open to you. The future is relentlessly arriving and it will continue to do so, [Read More…]

Let life be

Are you so busy fighting against life that you have no time left to live it? Are you so worried about what’s going on in your world that you have no energy left to get things done? Do you put so much of your attention into judgment that you fail to notice the real treasures [Read More…]


Do you realize how much power you have? Do you understand that you are a full-time, high-powered, creative, resourceful goal fulfillment machine? It’s true. Other people may try to put you down. Those who know you may criticize you endlessly, laugh at you, and act with extreme disrespect. But none of that matters. Because no [Read More…]