The richness of this day

As you live the great experience of today, have fun. Laugh. Smile. Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it. Life is difficult, but it is not a chore. Make it an adventure. Make it fun. There is joy to be found everywhere you look. Work can be just as fun as play. And it doesn’t really matter [Read More…]

Consistent actions

With just one single action that you take right now, you can create powerful consequences that stretch far into the future. So, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it depends. It depends on what the action is. Whatever it is, whatever action you take, you can be sure of this: time [Read More…]

No room left for doubt

When a drinking cup is dirty, what do you do? You rinse it out with fresh water. You put so much water into the cup that it pushes out the dirt. You put so much fresh water in that there’s no room left for the contamination. You can do the same thing with your thoughts. [Read More…]

Momentum on your side

Get momentum on your side. Get moving and keep moving. When you’re standing still, it’s somewhat difficult to get going. Yet when you’re already moving, it is much easier to keep on moving. So start each day early with positive, result-oriented action and keep it up all day long. That will enable you to get [Read More…]

Valuable perspective

In the open ocean, away from sight of land, you fall off a small boat into the water. You’re a good swimmer, and are able to begin treading water after a moment or two. But there are six-foot swells in the sea and you can’t see over them to determine where the boat is. Even [Read More…]

Trying too hard

Don’t ruin the quality of your effort by trying too hard. When you act out of desperation, your actions lose much of their effectiveness. When fear of a particular failure is constantly at the front of your awareness, you give energy and vision to that concept of failure, thus helping to bring it about. Instead [Read More…]

Step back

Your thoughts shape your life, and you have the power to exercise complete control over your thoughts. Every action you take begins with a thought. Everything you know is filtered through your own unique set of thoughts — the thoughts you choose. Do your thoughts build your life or do they hold you back? Thought [Read More…]

Expect great things

If you expect your troubles to continue, they probably will. However, when you expect that something good will eventually come from every situation, that is precisely what will happen. When you develop an attitude of “everything happens for a reason” then you can realistically expect good things to come even from difficult and painful circumstances. [Read More…]

In motion

Five ways to keep yourself in motion: (1) Constantly remind yourself of why you’re doing it. There is a purpose behind what you are working toward. Visualize the fulfillment of that purpose in rich detail. Plus, imagine how the fulfillment will feel. Imagine it so intensely that you feel it in advance. Then imagine how [Read More…]

Flexible and steadfast

Have you ever been on the top floor of a skyscraper when a strong wind is blowing? It can be disconcerting because when the wind blows, the building will sway. It’s perfectly normal, though, and really no cause for alarm. Tall buildings are designed to do that. A completely rigid structure would be knocked over [Read More…]