Consider the enormous amount of time that is wasted by being rude. Rudeness gets in the way of effective communication. It makes things difficult, expensive and time-consuming for everyone involved. It is really easier, less costly, and less stressful to be courteous and polite. Being courteous does not mean being a wimp. You can be [Read More...]

Leading with Heart

By John J. Murphy There is no substitute for heart. It is the altar of Spirit, the center for inspiration. One cannot fake authentic courage. Where there is doubt, there is disbelief. One cannot pretend to be compassionate. These are qualities of the heart, not the mind. We use the mind to gather information, to [Read More...]

Moving beyond being stuck

Often when you’re stuck, it’s because you’re being held back by assumptions that are no longer true, or assumptions that may never have been true at all. Assumptions such as these, when repeated often enough, firmly become a part of your reality. They become so thoroughly ingrained in your thinking that you forget they’re there, [Read More...]

What’s right?

Too often, we define our lives by what’s wrong with us. That limits us, and keeps us negatively focused. Instead, look for the positive things and be sincerely thankful for them. Consider all the good things in your life—the skills you possess, the knowledge and experience you have accumulated, your connections and relationships with others, [Read More...]


The time you invest in exploring new things can result in virtually unlimited rewards. It is difficult to even grasp the magnitude of the possibilities available to you until you put some time into exploring them. Exploration in an open-ended effort. The very nature of exploration prevents you from knowing in advance exactly what you’ll [Read More...]

This moment as it is

The conditions of the moment do not matter nearly so much as what you decide to do with them. The same conditions that drive people into hopelessness and despair also provide fertile ground for great and positive accomplishments. The situation is certainly a factor, but it is not the deciding factor. The deciding factor is [Read More...]

Living well

What would you like to see happen in your life tomorrow? Where would you like to be three months from now? What kind of life do you wish to be living a year from today? Much of the work of accomplishment is in figuring out precisely what to accomplish. Once you’ve done that, all that’s [Read More...]

Moving forward

Right now you have an incredible opportunity which has never before existed and which will never come again. You have the opportunity to be the special, unique person you are right now. You have the opportunity to put to good use everything you’ve ever learned, every skill you’ve ever developed, every experience through which you’ve [Read More...]

Your ideal world

You have what it takes to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Choose the objects of your efforts wisely, because whatever you’re truly committed to doing, you’ll do. Go beyond just a vague idea of what you desire. Examine your desires in detail. What, specifically, does your ideal world look like? What are its colors [Read More...]

Taking action

The quickest way to turn a problem into an opportunity is to do something about it. Even if, at the outset, you cannot imagine how your problem could ever be reframed into an opportunity, take action. Start working on the problem and many opportunities will become evident. Simply complaining or throwing up your hands in [Read More...]