New discoveries

To make new discoveries requires that you put yourself in unfamiliar territory. If you stick with the comfortable and the familiar, there will be many things that you’ll never even know about. How often do you venture away from the familiar? How often do you meet new people, consider beliefs different from your own, try [Read More...]

Thought shield

A very effective way to control and direct your thoughts is with other thoughts. For example, in your mind you can construct a “thought shield” which you can use to literally cause negative, wasteful and destructive thoughts to bounce right off of you. Once you have something positive upon which to focus your thoughts, it’s [Read More...]

Fear and desire

The two most powerful motivators are fear and desire. You can harness their power to get yourself going. Some people respond more to fear. Others are more responsive to desire as a driving force. And there are those who respond about equally to fear and desire. If you take a look at the decisions you’ve [Read More...]