Escape the comfort of your doubts

How is it that your doubts can so effectively hold you back, and prevent you from fulfilling your best possibilities? It is because they provide a comfortable place for you to hide from those possibilities. Even though you desire to achieve, you know that the achievement will have a price, in effort, commitment and sacrifice. [Read More…]

Let it go

Imagine for a moment that you can let go of your need for validation, and just be one hundred percent who you are with the full power of your being. Think of what you would say if you had no need to impress or impose or influence. Consider what you could do if you were [Read More…]

Do you really need it?

Before you spend a lot of time and effort striving after something, ask yourself. Do you really need it? Do you really even want it? Instead of just assuming you must have it, challenge your assumption. Remind yourself that you’ll be spending precious and irreplaceable time to get it. Consider that there are many other, [Read More…]

Begin the dream

There is a path that connects you to the very best life you can imagine. The first step is right in front of you. In this very moment you can take that step. You can be on your way. You can truly be living your dream, whatever that dream may be. It might take a [Read More…]

Question reality

What you think about reality, is not reality. The map is not the territory. It may be a very useful representation, and yet even if you know every single detail on the map, it is not the same as being there. It can be extremely helpful to realize that there is much detail missing from [Read More…]

Every time

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. –Confucius Some people are just looking for an excuse to give up, and do so after the first setback. Others have some degree of desire to achieve, but lack sufficient commitment, and turn back after experiencing several disappointments. Then there [Read More…]

Encountering fear

What’s the biggest impediment to living and acting with purpose and intention? Fear. If you continue to put off making a decision, there’s something you fear. When you avoid taking action, it’s because there’s fear in there somewhere. Most likely you have constructed an elaborate set of perfectly reasonable excuses for staying put. Nonetheless, the [Read More…]

Embracing change

The good things we seek rarely come to us in exactly the way we have imagined. If we’re constantly saying no in order to avoid even the slightest discomfort or inconvenience, we soon find ourselves missing out on the richness of life, wondering why our dreams never materialize. We all desire good things for our [Read More…]

Not so easy

In 2006 it was easy to get a mortgage for a house you really couldn’t afford. In 1999, it was easy to make money buying and selling dot com stocks. It’s easier to drive through at the fast food place and get a burger with supersize fries than it is to take a brisk walk [Read More…]

Forgive and be free

From time to time other people will disappoint you, with results that can range from mere inconveniences to real tragedies. Forgiveness is a way to move past those disappointments. Forgiveness can liberate enormous amounts of energy that would otherwise be wasted on negativity. Keep in mind that everyone can grow and change, and forgiveness is [Read More…]