Every time

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. –Confucius Some people are just looking for an excuse to give up, and do so after the first setback. Others have some degree of desire to achieve, but lack sufficient commitment, and turn back after experiencing several disappointments. Then there [Read More...]

Encountering fear

What’s the biggest impediment to living and acting with purpose and intention? Fear. If you continue to put off making a decision, there’s something you fear. When you avoid taking action, it’s because there’s fear in there somewhere. Most likely you have constructed an elaborate set of perfectly reasonable excuses for staying put. Nonetheless, the [Read More...]

Embracing change

The good things we seek rarely come to us in exactly the way we have imagined. If we’re constantly saying no in order to avoid even the slightest discomfort or inconvenience, we soon find ourselves missing out on the richness of life, wondering why our dreams never materialize. We all desire good things for our [Read More...]

Not so easy

In 2006 it was easy to get a mortgage for a house you really couldn’t afford. In 1999, it was easy to make money buying and selling dot com stocks. It’s easier to drive through at the fast food place and get a burger with supersize fries than it is to take a brisk walk [Read More...]

Forgive and be free

From time to time other people will disappoint you, with results that can range from mere inconveniences to real tragedies. Forgiveness is a way to move past those disappointments. Forgiveness can liberate enormous amounts of energy that would otherwise be wasted on negativity. Keep in mind that everyone can grow and change, and forgiveness is [Read More...]

Bumps in the road

Every single day of your life has been filled with success. Most of those successes are so seemingly ordinary and common that you don’t remember them. Yet they are vital and even miraculous successes nonetheless. Just a moment ago, you successfully took a breath of fresh air. Your heart successfully completed another cycle of pumping [Read More...]

The stairway

Challenge is a stairway that leads to higher and higher levels of experience. Challenge is the stairway that leads to where you most want to go. Challenge can frighten you. And if you let it, challenge will bring out the best in you. You don’t have to climb the whole stairway in one single giant [Read More...]

Feel it now

Whatever you seek is already yours, when you’re willing to go deeply enough into it. What does that mean? Here’s an exercise you can do to find out. Think of something you’d like to have in your life, and then ask yourself what you would do with it if you had it. When you have [Read More...]

The one and only you

The most effective way to compete is to ignore the competition. The greatest advantage comes to those who do not seek advantage. When you’re always focused on what the other guy is doing, it takes you away from the best of what you can be doing. When you’re fighting to gain an advantage, you’re ignoring [Read More...]

Feel like quitting

If you feel like quitting, that’s great. It means you’re intensely involved. Go ahead and feel like quitting. Just don’t actually do it. Instead, experience the power in that feeling. That’s your power. With it you can do amazing things. What a waste it would be to walk away from it. Imagine feeling like quitting, [Read More...]