Threats Foreign and Domestic: a Manchester Bombing and a Maryland Murder

This is a post about terrorism. It has no artful nuance. No snarky edge, no hilarious sarcasm to offset a painful truth, and probably not even a little bit of poetic syntax to make it go down easier. I'm just going to say some things that are true.Last night, kids were killed in a terrorist bombing. Kids at a concert. This was a callous act of violence, perpetrated by extremists who have no regard for the sanctity of human life. They are blinded by their hatred and find some sick form of … [Read more...]

Mourning the Terrible Legacy of Roger Ailes

As a person of faith, I do not celebrate death.Death can be peaceful; death can be a necessary end to an imminent threat; it can sometimes even be a welcome end to suffering. But in any case, it is a weighty thing--mysterious, and as sacred as life itself. As the Psalmist says "such knowledge is too wonderful for me." There are certain things that our mortal imaginations can't grasp, around which our human ways of processing the world should tread lightly.Which is to say, I will not be … [Read more...]

Duke Drama: A Lesson In Mission Focus

A guest post from my friend (and Duke Divinity School alum) Chris Furr. When I attended orientation as an incoming student at Duke Divinity School in January of 2003, Dr. Willie Jennings, then Dean of Academic Affairs in the Divinity School, entered the room holding a sculpture. The sculpture was of a woman, seated, holding her hands in her lap. She was holding them as if they were in pain, and her knuckles and hands were swollen. She wore an exhausted expression on her face. Dr. Jennings … [Read more...]

Prayer for Uncertain Times: Embracing Mystery as an Act of Resistance

Most of our human existential crises can be traced to a single source: our deep desire to KNOW.We may expect our friends to keep a lid on what happened in last night's episode of whatever, until we can get home and catch up on the DVR. But in real life? Forget it. Give us the spoiler alerts. We want to KNOW. We want to know when we'll find love, and if love will last; we want to know when we'll land that job, or make that move, or fall into that fortune; we want to know that our retirement is … [Read more...]

Wars of Convenience

Just to recap...The current administration put a ban on Syrian refugees (among others) entering our country. Because they "might" be dangerous extremists; they "might" have ulterior motives, like recruiting innocent American teenagers as terrorists, and infiltrating our government; they "might" just be jealous of our amazing American lifestyle; probably some of them just want cable.Opportunistic scapegoating, every bit of it. Trump and his minions know, and have always known, exactly how … [Read more...]

We Should Not Be Alone: What Mike Pence Is Really Saying About Women

This just in: men cannot be trusted with women.This is not fake news, or snarky commentary from Slate or Salon. I’m not pulling from liberal alarmist news sites, or feminist click bait. It came from their king, their poster guy, the bro of bros. Yes, Mike Pence himself announced that men cannot be trusted alone with women.In a Washington Post feature this week, the VP revealed that Karen Pence serves as his “gut check, and shield...” and that he makes it a point to never be alone with a … [Read more...]

Stories Untold: Saving Sesame Street from the America First Budget

Guest post: Rev. Elizabeth GrashamI won’t bury the lede: I vehemently oppose President Trump’s “America First” budget for innumerable reasons.  But one of the big reasons I oppose it is because he’s threatening Sesame Street.Before my divorce was final, I took my son to see his incarcerated father on a once-a-month schedule.  Our visits were always the same: the car would be searched at the entrance gate, we would take a Ziploc bag of quarters, my keys and ID inside, we would go through a … [Read more...]

A Traveling Musician’s America

Happy to share this great guest post with you my little brother!As a touring musician, I’m abundantly fortunate to get the opportunity to see so much of this wonderful country. Red states, blue states, liberal bastions, “flyover” country - every bit of it. For 18 years, I was a staunch progressive raised in a small Kentucky town, and now I’ve ended up in the liberal enclave of Nashville, Tennessee - a progressive island in an extremely red state.Division, marked by geographic b … [Read more...]

Nazi Apologists and Klan Support: The New Normal for this GOP

So, this is where we are:This week, Rep. Steve King issued a confounding Tweet in which he shared a comic--from a European source widely recognized as racist-- and said that we "can't restore our civilization with someone else's babies!" (Meaning, stop letting all these immigrants and Muslims into our country). For this sentiment, he was congratulated by David Duke, the same former KKK leader who publicly endorsed Donald Trump in the campaign (and whose support, for the record, Trump never r … [Read more...]