Let Love Be Overheard

I went to breakfast yesterday at a usual neighborhood place.There was a Muslim family there too-- an older woman and a two young women in full hijabs; plus a younger couple with two small boys, all of whom were dressed in a completely suburban way. They were talking and laughing and bustling around to get situated. As you do when you are a fairly large dining party and there are small children involved. They were seated at a big table right next to our booth.Enter, white lady who is s … [Read more...]

Singing in Dimly Lit Places: Is Religious Freedom Under Threat?

Here is the question that will be on Patheos Public Square  next week: While the principle of religious freedom is inscribed in the Constitution and forms a core idea of American democracy, it has also become an increasingly embattled issue amid broader cultural tensions over individual rights, the power of government, and the separation of church and state. Is religious freedom under threat, as many advocates claim? What does it mean to defend religious freedom in a diverse, modern society … [Read more...]