Dear Congress, We Are Not All Protected By Armed Security

After yesterday's shooting in Alexandria, Congress remains deeply divided about gun laws. Somehow, this is unsurprising news. There is a narrative to protect, after all.Even after enduring the horrors of gun violence themselves--in person, in the flesh-- some of our leaders dig in their heels on this matter. "Guns are not the enemy," they say. "These are sacred rights," we hear again. "What we need are MORE GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS..." This cry echoed across the land with the sound of the fi … [Read more...]

Along for the Ride: A Very P.K. Summer, Part I

If you are a parent, then you know the mixed blessing of summer. On the one hand: more time with your kids; a slower, more unscheduled pace; ice cream, pool time, and lots of trips to the library. What's not to love?Well: mosquitos, humidity and bad t.v., for starters. Not to mention--what the heck are you supposed to do with these kids every day? While also getting work done?Between camp days, VBS days, and vacation time, it doesn't make a lot of sense to sign them up for any kind of … [Read more...]

Rev. William Barber II is the Voice of the Moral Minority

I had this whole post in my head... about Trump's unbelievable Tweet criticizing the mayor of London. Our president implied that Mayor Khan dismissive of the recent terror attacks, saying that they were "Nothing to worry about." When in fact, the Mayor actually said that London citizens should "not be alarmed" by the increased police presence. I was going to write a post discussing the importance of context in all things. In addition to being insensitive and opportunistic, Trump's statement was w … [Read more...]

Violence Is Not a Progressive Value: Kathy Griffin Is Not Our Problem

Can we talk about Kathy Griffin for a sec?I mean, I don't want to. I'm over her. But it seems that's what everyone feels like we MUST be talking about, so here goes.First of all, I just want to be real clear that her beheading schtick was foul, and in poor taste, and way over many lines. She apologized, as well she should have. She was fired from a gig, as well she should be.But I keep hearing conservative outrage that "LIBERALS NEED TO BE DENOUNCING THIS!" and "DEMOCRATS NEED TO BE … [Read more...]

Christian Privilege Is a Real Thing: and a Dangerous Thing

Last week I was invited to speak at an interfaith panel discussion. I rarely say no to these things. For starters, you never know who you might meet. Community events are the best evangelism going, and a lot cheaper than digital signs or radio ads. Besides, I love a good chat. In this case, I didn't know much about the event before I got there. It was a continuing ed thing for a professional group I wasn't familiar with, on a campus I'd never heard of. But, sure. I'm in.Turns out, the … [Read more...]

Last Day of School Blues: Making Space for Sad

My boy is 6. He hasn't gotten the memo that the last day of school is exciting and fun and awesome.Both of my kids have always loved school, from Pre-K onward. Never a tearful "don't leave me moment," never an "I don't want to wake up" day, and (so far, knock on wood) no mean kid drama. And all around, nothing but wonderful teachers.But there was something especially magical about this year of Kindergarten. A class that just clicked from day 1, a teacher who makes Mary Poppins look like … [Read more...]

Mourning the Terrible Legacy of Roger Ailes

As a person of faith, I do not celebrate death.Death can be peaceful; death can be a necessary end to an imminent threat; it can sometimes even be a welcome end to suffering. But in any case, it is a weighty thing--mysterious, and as sacred as life itself. As the Psalmist says "such knowledge is too wonderful for me." There are certain things that our mortal imaginations can't grasp, around which our human ways of processing the world should tread lightly.Which is to say, I will not be … [Read more...]

Prayer for Uncertain Times: Embracing Mystery as an Act of Resistance

Most of our human existential crises can be traced to a single source: our deep desire to KNOW.We may expect our friends to keep a lid on what happened in last night's episode of whatever, until we can get home and catch up on the DVR. But in real life? Forget it. Give us the spoiler alerts. We want to KNOW. We want to know when we'll find love, and if love will last; we want to know when we'll land that job, or make that move, or fall into that fortune; we want to know that our retirement is … [Read more...]

In God’s Time

Guest Post: Richard Baier"Praying is something we do in our time. The answers come in God's time."For the unenlightened, the above quote is from the movie Rudy, a 1993 classic about a young man determined to fulfill a dream and become a member of the Notre Dame football team. It's the guy equivilent of a chick flick. Rudy has failed multiple times to earn admission to Notre Dame. This is his last chance. Father Cavanaugh finds Rudy in church praying for divine intervention. Rudy suggests … [Read more...]