Wars of Convenience

Just to recap...The current administration put a ban on Syrian refugees (among others) entering our country. Because they "might" be dangerous extremists; they "might" have ulterior motives, like recruiting innocent American teenagers as terrorists, and infiltrating our government; they "might" just be jealous of our amazing American lifestyle; probably some of them just want cable.Opportunistic scapegoating, every bit of it. Trump and his minions know, and have always known, exactly how … [Read more...]

Stop Making Me Look So Hot!

HOWEVER--it's not like they caught her with her mouth full, or snuck up while she was bending over at an unflattering angle (my dad's favorite way to take a picture, thanks). This is kind of a "what do you mean, this is just my face," face. "The Queen of Rage" might be a little hyperbolic, but let's just be honest... that's what she's selling. And these days, rage sells. Crazy gets votes. I shudder to think of the carnage that will be found along the campaign trail, come hindsight 2012. It is … [Read more...]