Why paying attention to dreams can give you confidence nothing else in this world can touch…

  “The way I see it, there are two kinds of dreams. One is a dream that’s always going to be just that…a dream…a vision that you can never really hold in your hand. Then there’s a dream that’s more than a dream its like a map—a map that you live by and follow for [Read More…]

The most important way to approach a dream…

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. ~Albert Einstein A Chinese Zen master poured tea for his apprentice and let the tea run over the cup and spill all over the table. In shock, the apprentice exclaimed, “Why did you do that?” The master replied, “Your tea cup is like your mind—so [Read More…]

The 8 Most Common Types of Dreams

All the good things in life have come from the world of visions and dreams. Someone entered the finer realms of life for a moment and brought back a treasure. The practical mind turned it to use and the world was richer and better than it was before. ~Christian D. Larson Are our dreams—those wild, [Read More…]