Alchemize Your Dream & Turn it into Rocket Fuel for Your Greatest Daytime Desires

What would chocolate be without bitter cacao and sugar? What would music be without notes and silences between? What would a rainbow be without rain and sun? I see now that there can be no love without loss, no joy without sorrow; no peaks without valleys. ~Aurora Winter Nightmares happen to everyone. Even the best [Read More…]

My formula for dealing with F.E.A.R.: Face it, Embrace it, Ace it, and Replace it!

There is an unseen life that dreams us.  It knows our true direction and destiny.  We can trust ourselves more than we realize and we need have no fear of change. ~John O’Donohue A wise person once said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  This is as true in life as it is [Read More…]

Our earliest dreamers and poets were shamans…

  This ladder: a spire Sketchy interpretation, Jacob Reaching toward infinity, the stars, the sun. If you make it up, and back, You’re golden. ~Joan Gelfand Our earliest dreamers and poets were shamans. Today as in the earliest times, true shamans are poets of consciousness who know the power of song and story to teach [Read More…]