Newest “mission and culture” book reviews in Themelios

Themelios just published its April 2017 issue. The assortment of book reviews concerning mission and culture are excellent. They touch on a diverse range of topics. Click the links below to read the reviews. Created and Creating: A Biblical Theology of Culture Review by: Marvin J. Newell Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical Review by: Kevin Halloran [Read More…]

How Story Structure Can Clarify Ideas

“Story” is an extremely useful tool for clarifying our key ideas and bringing focus to our message. This won’t make sense to some people. Whatever you think about “story,” set that aside for a moment. [Read more…]

Individualism with “Chinese Characteristics”?

“Traditional” views of Chinese culture as so Qing dynasty. That’s what Danny Hsu argues in his recent article in Missiology. In many respects, Hsu is right. My saying this might surprise some people. Last year, he directly challenged my work in a published article. And, yes, he reiterates his criticism in this recent essay. However, [Read More…]

Let Us NOT Praise Famous Men: Success in Ministry

Today’s guest post comes from ANDREW T. KAISER, PhD, author of Voices from the Past and The Rushing on of the Purposes of God, has been living in Shanxi with his family since 1997, serving the people of the province through professional work and public benefit projects. As we turn the corner and enter the [Read More…]

Contextualize. Don’t Merely Evangelize.

As I waited for my plane, I was stumped by what I was looking at. If Chinese understood the English on the KFC sign, no one would want to eat there. It simply read, “finger lickin’ good.” (See the pict below) For anyone who knows Chinese culture, this slogan would be like Colgate advertising that [Read More…]

Educated Chinese Christians and Wang Mingdao’s Popular Theology

Why do educated Chinese Christians both believe and leave the church? And does Wang Mingdao’s popular theology have relevance for today’s Chinese church? [Read more…]

Creativity in Ministry

Who knew Pixar had so much to teach pastors and missionaries? [Read more…]

Are you wasting time church planting?

Even Paul knew his labor in planting churches could be a waste of time. If Paul felt this way, shouldn’t we take notice and figure out how to avoid wasting our efforts? To the Galatians, Paul wrote, “I went up [to Jerusalem] because of a revelation and set before them (though privately before those who seemed [Read More…]

Interesting stuff in Themelios (Dec 2016)

This month’s Themelios has multiple interesting articles and reviews of noteworthy books. I was fortunately able to contribute two book reviews of my own. Article I’d be curious to hear people’s opinions about Fred Farrokh’s article, The “Same God Question”: Why Muslims are Not Moving Toward Christians Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? [Read More…]

Thank God for “White Privilege” in Missions?

Someone asked me to speak more directly to the issue of “white privilege.” Previously, I responded to an American-born Chinese woman who complained of white privilege among missionaries. My article highlighted two big ideas. 1) Communication We need to rethink how to communicate ideas about “white privilege” and related subjects. We need to define our [Read More…]