How Story Structure Can Clarify Ideas

“Story” is an extremely useful tool for clarifying our key ideas and bringing focus to our message. This won’t make sense to some people. Whatever you think about “story,” set that aside for a moment. [Read more…]

Contextualize. Don’t Merely Evangelize.

As I waited for my plane, I was stumped by what I was looking at. If Chinese understood the English on the KFC sign, no one would want to eat there. It simply read, “finger lickin’ good.” (See the pict below) For anyone who knows Chinese culture, this slogan would be like Colgate advertising that [Read More…]

Examples of Contextualization Maps

Today, I’ll give a few examples how to use a “contextualization map,” which I explained in my previous post.  A “contextualization map” helps you introduce the gospel when you only have 3–5 minutes. Such brief conversations are insufficient to present the gospel in a meaningful way. The primary goal of this kind of “elevator pitch” is [Read More…]

Use a “Contextualization Map”

If we only have 3–5 minutes, can we still contextualize the gospel? I think we can. (This and the next week, I build my previous post “Evangelism or “Elevator Pitch.”) What gets in our way? Two obstacles get in the way of contextualizing the gospel even for a 3–5-minute conversation. First, many gospel presentations are [Read More…]

Evangelism or “Elevator Pitch”?

What’s the distinction between evangelism and an elevator pitch? If you look at how we actually do evangelism, can you see a real difference in practice? Is it true most methods of evangelism are little more than elevator pitches? Do you recoil at the suggestion? Most people I know would object. Why? Elevator pitches are typically associated with [Read More…]

5 Problems with the “Plan of Salvation” in China (and other Honor-Shame Cultures)

From an honor-shame perspective, the “Plan of Salvation” (POS) has a number of problems. By “Plan of Salvation”, I refer to conventional ways of sharing the gospel. The 5 problems below are extremely oversimplified snippets that I explain and defend more fully in my recent article “Does the Plan of Salvation Make Disciples?: Why Honor [Read More…]

We marry better than we evangelize

Suppose you are a single 20-something. Your friends tell you about a woman named Jesse, whom they think would be a great match for you. They go on and on about all her good points. They tell you that she’s smart, beautiful, conversational, honest, comes from a good family, is low maintenance yet seeks excellence [Read More…]

Great Commission Quotes

What quotes would you add? [Read more…]

4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame Cultures

(This post originally appeared on Ed Stetzer’s blog The Exchange) I’ll never forget when an atheist, Chinese taxi driver shared the gospel with me. It was one of the best presentations I’ve heard. He didn’t believe it, of course, but he had heard the message so many times that he could rattle it off like [Read More…]

Introducing "The Promises of God"

Gospel presentations have a disproportionate influence on the way people afterwards read the Bible. Therefore, it substantially shapes their biblical & theological framework. (That last sentence summarizes one of my basic convictions). It’s worth reading again. This single idea is the seed for both The Promises of God as well as The Creator King. Why [Read More…]