Is Western Culture Dystopian?

Dystopia is a distinctly Western genre. It also is one of the most popular story genres of our day. The explosive growth of dystopian stories is no accident. In effect, they contextualize a worldview perspective that is prevalent in Western culture. I am convinced of at least three benefits to understanding dystopian thinking. By seeing [Read More…]

Confusing Law, Commands and Absolutes

Whenever people express concern to me about honor and shame, they inevitably reemphasize the importance of law. They are nervous that honor-shame threatens to displace “law” as a key biblical theme. After countless conversations, I’ve realized what the real issue is. (After all, I repeatedly tell them that law is an important idea.) People are [Read More…]

4 Reasons for an Evangelical Reformation (Part 2)

Nearly 500 hundred years after the Protestant Reformation, we still need an evangelical reformation. Previously, I mentioned two reasons for making that suggestion. They concerned how we use the Bible and our appeal to tradition. Today, I will offer two more areas that evangelicals need reformation. 3. Repentance Luther seared a guilty conscience into the evangelical [Read More…]

A story from a reader in Indonesia

I’m always so thankful to hear stories from people as they discover ways that honor and shame impact their ministry. I recently received the following message from one reader who lives in Indonesia. I had a fun “wow” moment this week that I wanted to share with you. I am an American recently moved to [Read More…]

Our Problem with the Bible

Here is one of the most powerful posts I’ve read in a while. Brian Zahnd’s comments are probably relevant to almost every person who reads this blog.His post is called “My Problem with the Bible.” Here is how he begins…. “I have a problem with the Bible. Here’s my problem… I’m an ancient Egyptian. I’m [Read More…]

What have you been reading recently?

I get asked about book recommendations a lot. I hesitate to give out “recommendations” because I always want to qualify my suggestion. Instead, I’ll just offer some thoughts on some of my recent reads in case someone is looking for something on these topics–– Tim Gombis‘ The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of [Read More…]

A Poll: What is the Relationship Between Law and Honor-Shame in the Bible?

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FREE BOOK NOTICE: Theology drives Methodology

I just got word that Karl Dahlfred’s book Theology Drives Methodology, which I reviewed recently, is FREE ON KINDLE until midnight on Dec 25th. To see my thoughts on it, CLICK HERE. I’ll be posting an interview with him in a few weeks. If you read it before then, you may appreciate his answers a [Read More…]

Jackson Wu Facebook Page

In case we’re not friends yet, go to my Facebook page and press “Like” Look up Jackson Wu [Read more…]

Death By a Thousand Cuts

When people think about the cost of being a missionary, they typically think about being martyred, thrown in prison, or something like that. On the other extreme, many never become missionaries because they can’t imagine “suffering” without iPhones and college sports on the TV. In reality, missionaries leave the field because of what I call [Read More…]