The Gospel of the Kingdom (video)

In light of the recent election, I can think of few videos more fitting to encourage our hearts. In case you haven’t see it, this is SO, SO good. For more amazing videos like this, check out Save [Read more…]

What the Gospels Teach about Contextualization

The Bible not only gives us our message; it should shape our methods. In One Gospel for All Nations, I suggest that the biblical writers have a distinct pattern of presenting the gospel. In effect, they provide us with a firm and flexible model for contextualizing the one gospel in any culture. I know that [Read More…]

Contextualizing One Gospel (Training Video)

Here is the second in a series short training videos. Last time, I gave a basic explanation of contextualization. This video introduces the basic biblical framework for contextualizing the one gospel in any culture. It proposes a model that is both firm and flexible so that gospel presentations can be biblically faithful and culturally meaningful. [Read More…]

Examples of Contextualization Maps

Today, I’ll give a few examples how to use a “contextualization map,” which I explained in my previous post.  A “contextualization map” helps you introduce the gospel when you only have 3–5 minutes. Such brief conversations are insufficient to present the gospel in a meaningful way. The primary goal of this kind of “elevator pitch” is [Read More…]

Use a “Contextualization Map”

If we only have 3–5 minutes, can we still contextualize the gospel? I think we can. (This and the next week, I build my previous post “Evangelism or “Elevator Pitch.”) What gets in our way? Two obstacles get in the way of contextualizing the gospel even for a 3–5-minute conversation. First, many gospel presentations are [Read More…]

“Does the Plan of Salvation Make Disciples?” (Infographic)

A number of people have expressed interest in the discussion (from last week’s post) concerning the relationship between the Plan of Salvation and honor-shame cultures. When I first wrote the article (which my post was based on), I also created a very simple infographic  to help people summarize the key ideas in the article. I’m [Read More…]

10 Characteristics of an “Individualistic Gospel”

What is an “individualistic gospel”? It’s common to hear people criticize evangelistic presentations as “individualistic.” However, that is a rather vague description. How do people know if their gospel is “individualistic”? In this post, I’ll suggest 10 features that tend to characterize an “individualistic gospel.” I don’t claim that such a message always has every [Read More…]

Does the “Plan of Salvation” Make Disciples?

Thanks to Asian Missions Advance, who have published my latest article in its Jan 2016 issue: Does the “Plan of Salvation” Make Disciples?: Why Honor and Shame Are Essential for Christian Ministry The article deals with a few major issues all at once. How might honor and shame reshape our view of Christian discipleship and [Read More…]

The Birth of a Simplistic Gospel

Simplification is not contextualization. Of course we want to communicate the gospel as simply as possible. Yet, the gospel is not as “simple” as many people suppose. Consider the various contexts involved. We have to understand the gospel as it was understood in multiple ancient settings. Our own cultural lenses limit our interpretations. In addition, [Read More…]

Is this the gospel?

What do think? Is this the gospel?   [Read more…]