Are Secondary Doctrines Unimportant?

I recently saw a Tweet by someone asking whether secondary doctrines were nonessential or non-important. It got me to thinking. Certainly these “secondary” issues distract us from our mission. However, it dawned on me that there may be an inherent problem with the way we pose this very commonly asked question. First of all, let’s [Read More…]

A Summary Review of Karl Dahlfred's "Theology Drives Methodology"

I recently had the privilege of reading Karl Dahlfred’s Theology Drives Methodology: Conversion in the Theology of Charles Finney and John Nevin. It is a published version of his Th.M thesis (Talbot School of Theology). It is well written and organized so that readers can clearly understand the the relevant history and theology being discussed. [Read More…]

If Joseph Were Chinese, Would He Have Adopted Jesus?

There is No Christmas Without Adoption For years, I heard that of the two NT genealogies of Jesus (in Matthew 1 and Luke 3), one traced his lineage via Joseph and the other through Mary. After all, if Mary is not a blood relative of David, how could the prophecy be true whereby Jesus becomes [Read More…]

Understanding the Implications of Honor, Shame, or Face

I want to briefly follow up on the “(Mis)Understanding Honor, Shame, or Face” series (Part One, Two, Three), giving at least some nod in the direction of application. The implications are so vast, one could not suppose to tease them all out over a lifetime of writing. In broad strokes, what are some spheres of [Read More…]

Sharing Our Story Is Not Enough to Produce Faith

What do you think about this article, “Why Sharing Your Story Is Not the Best Way to Share the Gospel“? [Read more…]

A Review of "The Father's Love" (an evangelistic booklet)

I previously wrote a post announcing that Werner Mischke, Executive Vice President and Director of Training Ministries at Mission ONE, has designed a new evangelistic booklet that uses an honor and shame perspective. It’s called The Father’s Love Booklet. Today, I review it. Overall, I like it. I should first give full disclosure. I’m not [Read More…]

We will not see the face of God without losing our own

If Jesus has been born Chinese, he may well have said it this way, “For whoever would save his face will lose it, but whoever loses his face for my sake will find it,” (cf. Matt 16:25). Here are some other passages for thought–– Rev 22:3–4, “No longer will there be anything accursed, but the [Read More…]

Jackson Wu Facebook Page

In case we’re not friends yet, go to my Facebook page and press “Like” Look up Jackson Wu [Read more…]

Help with Cultural Transition

Craig Thompson, over at Clearing Customs, has a helpful article with “Eleven Tips for Helping Someone with Cross-Cultural Transition Loss.” It’s worth passing along to those you know who have made or will make a cross-cultural move. Here are a few of his suggestions: Remember that grieving is a long process. Don’t minimize the loss. [Read More…]

Encouragement to Language Learners from John Piper

Originally Posted at Desiring God. [Read more…]