Redefining “the elements of the world”

In a significant book, Leithart suggests a novel interpretation of “the elements.” It shifts how we see ourselves, society, and the world. If he’s right, it has important implications for engaging culture. [Read more…]

Review of “Becoming Native to Win the Natives”

A review of succinct and significant book with practice advice for missionaries who want to “be all things to all people.” [Read more…]

Review of Ten Elshof’s “Confucius for Christians”

If you want to see an example of good contextualization, read Gregg Ten Elshof’s Confucius for Christians: What an Ancient Worldview Can Teach Us about Life in Christ (Eerdmans, 2015). It’s short, practical and very substantial. A book like this could be polarizing. So, let’s begin by clarifying what Ten Elshof does and does not [Read More…]

Can we be Confucian Christians?

This post introduces you to Gregg Ten Elshof’s Confucius for Christians by responding to (what I feel is) an unfair review of the book in the recent issue of Themelios. (For full disclosure, I recently become the new book reviews editor for Themelios’ Mission and Culture section.) I am so glad to finally read this [Read More…]

Great review of “One Gospel for All Nations” from STR!

I’m very grateful to Southeastern Theological Review for publishing a review of One Gospel for All Nations. Greg Mathias does an exceptional job summarizing the book’s essence. Authors appreciate when reviewers genuinely engage with one’s ideas. It’s very apparent that he did. If you’d like an introduction to One Gospel for all Nations, check out [Read More…]

Nick Peters’ Review of “One Gospel for All Nations”

Thank you to Nick Peters who has written a kind review of One Gospel for All Nations. Nick runs Deeper Waters, an excellent podcast that interviews a number of influence scholars and practitioners on a range of topics. Concerning One Gospel for All Nations, he writes: Wu’s book is an excellent resource for missionaries or for [Read More…]

Chaos, Creation and Corruption

People sometimes prefer to have two nicely divided categories: good or bad, right or wrong, love or hate, . . . . Similarly, in debates or conflicts, we are prone to label others either “for us” or “against us.” The debate over human origins has been plagued with false dichotomies. Some of the ones I [Read More…]

Adam and Eve are Ancient “Archetypes”

I’m in the midst of a review series on John Walton’s The Lost World of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2–3 and the Human Origins Debate. (Click here for Part 1, Part 2) Today, I will specifically look at Walton’s view of Adam and Eve. What is “Adam”? Walton further reminds us that “Adam” is not [Read More…]

The Lost World of Adam and Eve

Previously, I introduced my series reviewing John Walton’s new book The Lost World of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2–3 and the Human Origins Debate. I set the context by explaining what Walton calls a “functional account” of creation (in contrast to a material account). Why tackle this Genesis/creation debate? I’ve been warned by a few [Read More…]

My Review of "Grassroots Asian Theology"

The most recent issue of Themelios came out today. This month, you’ll find my review of Simon Chan’s most recent book Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up. This book is sure to become a conversation piece for anyone concerned with theology and missions in the majority world (i.e. non-Western world). I’d [Read More…]