Does the Easter story have authority?

This week, we’ll read narratives about Christ’s suffering and resurrection. But are we equipped to read them? This is what I mean….we easily recognize the authority of epistles since they state ideas quite directly. On the other hand, we tend to think of stories or narratives as descriptive. So, how do narratives carry authority? Here are some [Read More…]

The Resurrection and Missions (Part 3 ––Implications)

In previous posts, I explained the meaning of the resurrection and gave a few ideas how the resurrection influences the work of missions. I want to briefly add a few additional thoughts. Evangelism This application naturally works out of what was previously said. I’ll sharpen the point here. We do not merely preach Jesus’ death [Read More…]

The Resurrection and Missions (Part 2–What Does It Mean?)

Without question, 1 Cor 15 is the most important passage concerning the resurrection in all of Scripture. Many people are familiar with the first section, verses 4–8, which is regarded as a summary of the gospel. The climax of the gospel proclamation is the resurrection. If we do not understand the resurrection, we little understand [Read More…]

The Resurrection and Missions (Part 1–What Does It Mean?)

I think evangelicals in general tend to have a low view of the resurrection. That sounds like an overstatement, but this is what I mean. Typically, evangelicals see the resurrection mainly as having more to do with apologetics than theology. The resurrection acts as a “proof” that Jesus is divine. If they are more precise, [Read More…]