Contextualize. Don’t Merely Evangelize.

As I waited for my plane, I was stumped by what I was looking at. If Chinese understood the English on the KFC sign, no one would want to eat there. It simply read, “finger lickin’ good.” (See the pict below) For anyone who knows Chinese culture, this slogan would be like Colgate advertising that [Read More…]

Examples of Contextualization Maps

Today, I’ll give a few examples how to use a “contextualization map,” which I explained in my previous post.  A “contextualization map” helps you introduce the gospel when you only have 3–5 minutes. Such brief conversations are insufficient to present the gospel in a meaningful way. The primary goal of this kind of “elevator pitch” is [Read More…]

We marry better than we evangelize

Suppose you are a single 20-something. Your friends tell you about a woman named Jesse, whom they think would be a great match for you. They go on and on about all her good points. They tell you that she’s smart, beautiful, conversational, honest, comes from a good family, is low maintenance yet seeks excellence [Read More…]

4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame Cultures

(This post originally appeared on Ed Stetzer’s blog The Exchange) I’ll never forget when an atheist, Chinese taxi driver shared the gospel with me. It was one of the best presentations I’ve heard. He didn’t believe it, of course, but he had heard the message so many times that he could rattle it off like [Read More…]

When the Church Confuses "Me" and "We"

In Christian Political Witness, the authors repeatedly lament the divide between “public” and “private.” Why? It is often thought that freedom is only possible by parting the political seas. In order to enjoy the “miracle” of American democracy, we must separate politics from Christian faith. However, in CPW, it is argued that common notions about [Read More…]

Sharing Our Story Is Not Enough to Produce Faith

What do you think about this article, “Why Sharing Your Story Is Not the Best Way to Share the Gospel“? [Read more…]