The Gospel of the Kingdom (video)

In light of the recent election, I can think of few videos more fitting to encourage our hearts. In case you haven’t see it, this is SO, SO good. For more amazing videos like this, check out Save [Read more…]

What the Gospels Teach about Contextualization

The Bible not only gives us our message; it should shape our methods. In One Gospel for All Nations, I suggest that the biblical writers have a distinct pattern of presenting the gospel. In effect, they provide us with a firm and flexible model for contextualizing the one gospel in any culture. I know that [Read More…]

Contextualizing One Gospel (Training Video)

Here is the second in a series short training videos. Last time, I gave a basic explanation of contextualization. This video introduces the basic biblical framework for contextualizing the one gospel in any culture. It proposes a model that is both firm and flexible so that gospel presentations can be biblically faithful and culturally meaningful. [Read More…]

Four Reasons We Need Contextualization

Hundreds of books and articles talk about contextualization. Nearly every one of them focuses on two questions: What is contextualization? and How do we contextualize? Of course, those are important questions. There is a more basic question that too often gets overlooked––Why should we contextualize the gospel? Why we contextualize determines how we contextualize. Perhaps, one reason people [Read More…]

Is this the gospel?

What do think? Is this the gospel?   [Read more…]

A Simple Approach to Honor-Shame Gospel Presentations

A few months ago, I shared two videos that demonstrate what a gospel presentation might look like from an honor-shame perspective. 1. Do you want face? 2. How does God seek “face”? In this post, I want to discuss two questions that particularly shaped the first video (“Do you want face?”). For your convenience, I’ve [Read More…]

Don't Adamize the Gospel

Where do you start when sharing the gospel? The beginning of a story has disproportionate influence on the effect that story has on the listener. It introduces the context, the main characters, key categories of thinking as well as the conflict, which the story will resolve. I suggest that traditional gospel presentations begin at the [Read More…]

Does God have a wonderful plan for your life?

If we tell someone, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life,” is that true? [Read more…]

Is the gospel a "how to" message?

The gospel is not so much the message how one gets saved; rather, it is the message one must believe in order to be saved. If you understand the contrast I make in that last sentence, then you understand one way that we should differentiate the “plan of salvation” from the gospel itself. Most people [Read More…]

Contextualizing the One Gospel in Any Culture––A Model from the Biblical Text for a Global Context

Trying to figure out how to contextualize the gospel? Practically speaking, how do we assess whether a contextualization is faithful to Scripture and meaningful for a local culture? Check out my article called “Contextualizing the One Gospel in Any Culture––A Model from the Biblical Text for a Global Context.” In a single article, I jump [Read More…]