Learning from the Past: Language Study

Today’s guest post comes from ANDREW T. KAISER, PhD, author of Voices from the Past and The Rushing on of the Purposes of God, has been living in Shanxi with his family since 1997, serving the people of the province through professional work and public benefit projects. The past is a laboratory for testing new [Read More…]

Are Missionaries Ashamed of the Language of Paul's Gospel?

I teach Romans in Chinese. It’s painful sometimes. Don’t misunderstand me. I love Romans. Much of my PhD research focused on this book. Why then can it be hard to teach? The most prominent translation in China, the HeHeBen (和合本), literally deletes an overwhelmingly large number of the logical words Paul put in the original [Read More…]

Encouragement to Language Learners from John Piper

Originally Posted at Desiring God. [Read more…]