The Physics of the Church

What happens when we use “the elements of the world” to plant and build churches? [Read more…]

What we learn from “worldly” physics

We know “the elements of the world” are enslaving. But what about “the elements” of the church? This question comes from reading Peter Leithart’s study in Delivered from the Elements of the World. He helps us regained much needed biblical vocabulary about “the elements.” Now we ask, how might it shape our ministry? At the [Read More…]

Redefining “the elements of the world”

In a significant book, Leithart suggests a novel interpretation of “the elements.” It shifts how we see ourselves, society, and the world. If he’s right, it has important implications for engaging culture. [Read more…]

A Review of Christian Political Witness (Part 2)

In the last post, I reviewed the first few chapters of Christian Political Witness. The authors lay the solid theological foundation for the essays that follow. They all argue that being biblical necessarily entails being political in a more comprehensive sense than most people think. What does this look like practically? This is the subject [Read More…]