How does the Bible contextualize the gospel? (Session 2 Training Video)

Here is SESSION TWO of 4 training videos I will release this summer. Below, you’ll find links to the video, audio as well as an accompanying study guide. SESSION TWO HOW DOES THE BIBLE CONTEXTUALIZE THE GOSPEL? This session considers the question, “How does the Bible frame the gospel?” To answer the question, we survey various [Read More…]

Saving Us from Me: Cultivating Honor and Shame in a Collectivist Church

Today, I’m releasing my recent conference talk “Saving Us from Me: Cultivating Honor and Shame in a Collectivist Church.” The honor & shame conference at Wheaton was an amazing blessing. The various plenary talks and other resources will soon be released at Check out the conference tweets at #honorshame. For just the audio, click [Read More…]

Reinterpreting Contextualization (Session 1 Training Video)

In the coming weeks, I will release 4 full length training videos. The audio comes from the 2016 theology conference hosted by Singapore Bible College. I have overlapped the audio with visuals to assist groups who might want to use the material for training purposes. Session 1: Reinterpreting Contextualization Session 2: How does the Bible [Read More…]

The Gospel of the Kingdom (video)

In light of the recent election, I can think of few videos more fitting to encourage our hearts. In case you haven’t see it, this is SO, SO good. For more amazing videos like this, check out Save [Read more…]

Honor and Shame in the Bible (intro video)

Here’s the 4th installment in my ongoing video series. This training video explains various ways that honor and shame shape the message of the Bible. It particularly looks at key doctrines such sin, salvation and others.   Part One explained the “what” and “why” of contextualization. Part Two gave an overview about “how” we contextualize [Read More…]

Understanding Honor and Shame (Training Video)

This short video explains the meaning of “honor and shame,” highlighting key themes are mark all human cultures. It clarifies certain impressions and misunderstandings about how honor and shame work within a cultural context. The above video is the third in a series that provides a short introduction to a number of topics. In Part [Read More…]

Contextualizing One Gospel (Training Video)

Here is the second in a series short training videos. Last time, I gave a basic explanation of contextualization. This video introduces the basic biblical framework for contextualizing the one gospel in any culture. It proposes a model that is both firm and flexible so that gospel presentations can be biblically faithful and culturally meaningful. [Read More…]

Explaining Contextualization (a short video)

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll post a series of short videos explaining key ideas and introducing various tools. These videos intend to answer the most fundamental questions we discuss on this blog. In this post, I explain what is contextualization. In the future, other videos will address questions like “How do we  contextualize [Read More…]

Learning Contextualization with “Uptown Funk”

Here’s a fun demonstration of contextualization. 1 song. 66 different dances. Each fits its context. Learning to dance differently in another context requires work hard. Different moves don’t imply a different song. Similarly, there is one gospel for all nations. Let’s not settle for one cultural expression of the gospel nor make others conform to [Read More…]

The Atonement in Historical Context

I’m thinking a lot about the atonement these days. At this years ETS Conference, I’ll be talking about the sacrificial system from an honor-shame perspective. Also, I am preparing a class called The Theology of Atonement. One of my favorite books from this past year is Adonis Vidu’s Atonement, Law, and Justice: The Cross in [Read More…]