Monsters and the End of Evangelicalism, Part 2

In my 2008 study of Evangelicals vs. Liberals: The Clash of Christian Cultures in the Pacific Northwest, I mapped what I thought was a strong and even permanent Evangelical Civic Gospel. This Civic Gospel had six interlocking strands that I developed from my research, reading and thinking about American evangelicalism: 1) Conversion to Christ will address and resolve all social problems; 2) the U.S. Government should be in the business of protecting the American religious (Christian) heritage; … [Read more...]

Mapping the End of Evangelicalism: Part 1

I have to say it’s been a surprise to hear so consistently about the end of American evangelicalism. My own experience with the tradition goes back a long ways to my marginal participation in Young Life (mostly because of friends and girls) and then on and off in various groups in college. But the break was solidified the night I attended a Josh McDowell revival at my university; midway through I walked out. I couldn’t take the idea that anyone could seriously try to “prove” faith by trying to pr … [Read more...]