A Holy Rant

Why is it that most Christians assume that spirituality is a unisex reality?Why have I, in 55 years of church attendance, never heard a sermon on gender differences in spirituality and only one that even acknowledged it as real (thanks Bob C.)?Why is it that in a culture where we talk more and more about gender difference in how we shop and have heart attacks and think, we neglect to talk about how we experience God differently?Why is there not a course in gender different … [Read more...]

How can darkness be light?

 "the night will shine like the day," I love Epiphany. … the celebration of light.After the feast of love our family enjoyed this Christmas together, it makes letting go again a little easier.Though many celebrate Epiphany only as a day, I prefer to think of it as a season.I fill my mantle with candles, even a fairly over-the top candelabra my husband hates that I save for this season every year (sorry, honey). Who wouldn’t want to celebrate light?  I have a friend … [Read more...]

Gender mess

“It is not so much compromise that is called for but a greater wisdom and vision.”Years ago, I heard this wisdom from the famous evangelical preacher, Chuck Swindoll: ”Creativity is messy.”He was right: almost all creativity, from a first draft of a novel to finger-paint to sex, is messy.It involves differences and distinctions as well as sameness and connections.  In Genesis 1, God separated this and that and gathered the other to make our earth.So, it is no surprise that such me … [Read more...]

Greater love and messy hope

"The story of transformation and the story of fixing are two different story lines."- Bob CarltonIt is a simple observation actually, but powerful in its implication: The love of heaven is greater than the love of Eden. Most of us are inclined to want to go back to Eden: innocence, perfection, the cool of the day, rest.But God has lovingly blocked that gate to draw us, okay force us, to seek another way, a greater way.The love of heaven is a proven love, a tested love, a … [Read more...]