Looking for the Living

I had the pleasure of being a part of an ordination service a few weeks ago at Christ Church Cathedral in Houston.   It was a lovely space and a wonderful service. Walking in, a friend and I commented on how you could smell the history of this place… the beautiful aged wood and generations of incense and prayer.  Somewhere in the process of the service, I noticed a beautiful stained glass window behind the altar. Though the image I offer you now is not very good (I really need a class in iPho … [Read more...]

Being prayer

"But, for me, in that moment, on that particular evening, the words simply would not come" As a spiritual director, you might expect that I spend a fair amount of time thinking about prayer, talking about prayer, and actually praying. Lately I’ve been reflecting on how varied my experiences of prayer have been throughout my life.  The most poignant moment of change happened when our son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  This is how I wrote about it in Sacred Healing: MRIs , marigolds, and mir … [Read more...]

Re-imagining the Trinity

 "She referenced the Trinity as Life-giver, Pain-bearer, and Love maker."Last Sunday was “Trinity Sunday” in the Episcopal church.  I’m not quite sure why this doctrine gets its own Sunday. Perhaps it is because it inspired jolly old St. Nicholas to punch another guy in the nose.  I have never felt particularly connected to the importance of the Trinity, especially since it is a construct we came up with more than a overtly Biblical  teaching. But I was intrigued by a particular naming offer … [Read more...]

Welcome back

"When God invites me to give voice to something like the importance of self-compassion and self-care, it seems that an integral part of that giving voice is to live what I speak." Ahhhh… the relief of no more guilt from neglecting my blog. Okay, maybe I need to start that again on a more compassionate note. Ahhhh… the gift of experiencing enough pain relief, creative energy, and schedule discipline to finally be able to have the head and body space to write again. This has been an odd sea … [Read more...]

How can darkness be light?

 "the night will shine like the day," I love Epiphany. … the celebration of light.After the feast of love our family enjoyed this Christmas together, it makes letting go again a little easier.Though many celebrate Epiphany only as a day, I prefer to think of it as a season.I fill my mantle with candles, even a fairly over-the top candelabra my husband hates that I save for this season every year (sorry, honey). Who wouldn’t want to celebrate light?  I have a friend … [Read more...]

Germany through the eyes of a church nerd

Will we cling to beautiful but old forms of being church or will we look for new life, the verdant green moss on the ruins and the  mighty river of God’s ongoing work in the world? Granted, the trip itinerary was labeled Monasteries and Vineyards.  So, it doesn’t seem far-fetched that we spent a lot of time in holy places.But it doesn’t necessarily follow that the place my thoughts would take me in those holy places is to the future of the church. When I set out on this pilgr … [Read more...]

Beloved? servant?

Every once and a while, a small fact in Scripture enters my heart and sticks in such a way as to open door for healing and new growth. That happened recently as I was reflecting on the story of the prodigal son.  Have you ever noticed that when the son returned, he planned to return as a servant but the father would not allow it? Looking into the eyes of my grand-daughter, Georgia, I get that. Though the son felt unworthy, the place of the slave was not his true identity: he was a son.  A slave w … [Read more...]

Self-compassion and regret

"I have learned from wiktionary that regret is just intense grief"I’ve had more than one run in with the painful emotion of regret this week.I said some unkind words of judgment that I wanted to take back shortly after they came off my tongue. I unnecessarily criticized a very valid approach in a conversation with a colleague because I had another strategy. I remained silent when I should have spoken up as my husband and I were considering a sales pitch…. We bought the product and bo … [Read more...]

A love letter to my body

It seems I am forever just behind the culture curve… just outside the conversation.  But when this invitation from SheLoves and Megan Gahan came across my field of vision yesterday, through this blog of fellow Patheos blogger Enuma Okoro, I knew I wanted to attempt to include it here because it’s such a part of my current life struggle/growing edge. A love letter to my body Clearly, I need to begin with an apology. I have not loved you well. I have treated you like a machine Rather than hono … [Read more...]

The lines are getting blurred

"Can’t we as church live into the generosity of God’s story rather than conventional societal fear and constraint?"Thanks be to God, the lines that separate us are getting blurred these days.A friend sent me this blog post today about an evangelical woman’s journey toward praying with a rosary. “I wanted a rosary. I wanted more, too–I wanted the mystery, the beauty of ancient traditions. I wanted works of art in stone cathedrals, the scent of incense reminding me of the presence of a hol … [Read more...]