Greater love and messy hope

"The story of transformation and the story of fixing are two different story lines."- Bob CarltonIt is a simple observation actually, but powerful in its implication: The love of heaven is greater than the love of Eden. Most of us are inclined to want to go back to Eden: innocence, perfection, the cool of the day, rest.But God has lovingly blocked that gate to draw us, okay force us, to seek another way, a greater way.The love of heaven is a proven love, a tested love, a … [Read more...]

Uni-sex spirituality?

“Though the church may have missed noticing gender different spirituality, God had not missed writing it into that ancient sacred book.”Many of us in the Christian world grow up with an assumption of a unisex spirituality. Though we readily admit that men and women are different biologically and psychologically, we often stop there in our thinking.  In 54 years in church, I’ve never heard a sermon on gender different spirituality.If we do think further, sometimes we realize that the forms … [Read more...]