A love letter to my body

It seems I am forever just behind the culture curve… just outside the conversation.  But when this invitation from SheLoves and Megan Gahan came across my field of vision yesterday, through this blog of fellow Patheos blogger Enuma Okoro, I knew I wanted to attempt to include it here because it’s such a part of my current life struggle/growing edge. A love letter to my body Clearly, I need to begin with an apology. I have not loved you well. I have treated you like a machine Rather than hono … [Read more...]

Let’s hear it for the sheep!

“I cannot help but be cautious about structural power in the context of a kingdom that routinely “flips the script.”   I get it.  Really I do.  I have close friends who have known untold pain because they have been denied the opportunity to use their gifts and exercise their callings within official capacities in the church. When I worked as a hospital chaplain, I myself was kicked out of a hospital room or two simply based on my gender alone.  The passages of Scripture addressing these is … [Read more...]