Happy New Year!

"In life, suffering does not seem to be optional. Suffering in silence, however, does." Today is the first day of the new church year and so a great time for new beginnings.As regular readers of this blog (well, better said, those who have attempted to read the non-existent regularly posted content) you have likely noticed that this blog has suffered from a very neglectful mother.I could offer several reasons for my neglect, and may over time, but presently I’m a bit tired of my own e … [Read more...]

Self-compassion and authenticity

"If Jesus were with me today, what would he see?  What would he say?"  So often, the poet (Cheryl Lawrie in this case) says it best: ...reluctantly we let go the idea that somehow it was ever going to be perfect - or even wearable in public.... What would my life be like if I just gave up the always illusive goal of trying to “get my act together” and accepted the reality that it’s never “going to be perfect- or even wearable in public?”What if the first step toward living the … [Read more...]