When your marriage is in dire straits . . . there’s a book for that.

It is with great joy that I pass onto you the news of Dr. Greg Popcak's latest book release When Divorce Is Not an Option: How to Heal Your Marriage and Nurture Everlasting Love.  I haven't read it yet, but it's on my wish list.  There's a huge void in the marriage literature between the cliffs of Marriage is Wonderful!  and Better Luck Next Time!  I'm glad to see Dr. Greg making a stab at filling that chasm. You can read more about it here. *** Lest we forget the Catechism doe … [Read more...]

Catholic Education: You Can’t Serve Two Masters

One of the reigning errors of our insecure, perpetually-offended culture is the Approval One is the Rejection of All Others fallacy.  So allow me to be perfectly clear: My love of homeschooling is in no way a rejection of our Catholic schools.Not for a moment.  Those who pay attention in real life know that I put quite a lot of effort into steering families towards their local Catholic schools whenever I can.*Thus in the busyness of getting the new school year going, I was dismayed to ha … [Read more...]

Discipleship. You hear the word. What does it mean?

Up at New Evangelizers, I answer the question, "What exactly is this discipleship thing we keep hearing about?"  It's a tricky question because it's both far simpler than we make it out to be, and far more demanding than a simple answer would suggest.Our Catholic reflexes are hopelessly bureaucratic anymore, so I begin by explaining a few things discipleship is not:It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everything Christians do needs to happen under the auspices of a formal pro … [Read more...]

Useful Stuff: All the Mass Readings for 2015 in One Book – Updated

Yesterday the 2015 Abide in My Word showed up in the mail.  Nice thick glossy-cover paperback that looks like this:Wow.  What a neat book.  It's nothing complicated, just the daily Mass readings for every single day of 2015.  (Note: It starts on January 1, not with Advent.)  Big print, and big, bold-faced date headings for each day.  Very cool, and not very expensive.  I was particularly excited about it because a friend of mine is trying to improve her English by going to more English-l … [Read more...]

How Do I Get the Kids to Behave in Class? There’s a book for that.

My book is up on the block today at Simcha Fisher's NFP Week Giveaway extravaganza.  Go enter now, and you can also try for the sauerkraut-making kit and 13 other great prizes.Tomorrow, the good sports will be asking, "Since I didn't win that one copy, should I just spend the $7 on my very own?"Yes, I think you probably should.Classroom Management for Catechists is for you if:You teach religious education. You do some other activity that involves a roomful of monkeys sweet, … [Read more...]

Meet-the-Author and Other Fun Writing Events

Catholic Writers Conference registration is still open, and the schedule of events for the conference is here.  As you can see, it's pretty much a wonderland of Catholic writing fun.  I love this conference, and recommend it to anyone interested in writing who is able to attend.  Yet more details, including information on pitch sessions, can be found at the conference main page.I will not be in Chicago, see "recent illness", but my publisher will be.  So you can get all the little purple book … [Read more...]

Should You Be Writing Right Now? And What About the Kids? And What About a Conference This Summer?

Kathy Schiffer reminds you that if, "I'd like to be a writer someday" applies to you, consider attending the Catholic Writers Conference this summer.  It's in metro-Chicago this year, and the location varies from year to year, so if you're in the upper-midwest or central Canada come July 30-August 1, this is your year.Promises to be an excellent event.  From the press release: Speakers at this year's conference include authors Lisa Hendey (BOOK OF SAINTS FOR CATHOLIC MOMS), award-winning s … [Read more...]