Chastity for Thee But Not for Me?

Here is what I find most amusing about the reactions to the Pence Anti-Adultery plan:It turns out the people who ordinarily believe that it is both impossible and undesirable to refrain from intercourse out of wedlock are, in the case of the sitting Vice President, certain he must be an exception to that rule.  Ordinary mortals have no such capacity for self control! They'd be harmed by trying, and anyway it wouldn't work!But either they know Mr. Pence to be a class apart, or they are so … [Read more...]

Don’t Like How Trump Treats Women? There’s a Better March for That.

Here's the difference between President Trump and the March for Women: Trump has asserted that a man should freely gratify his lust.  If you're interested, just step on up and get something going. The March for Women takes it one further: If necessary, a woman ought to be free to kill for that same right. Neither of these are going to make America great.  Trump's personal modus operandi -- infidelity, serial marriage, promiscuity -- is the root causes of American societal decay.  W … [Read more...]

The Surprising Evidence that Gender Matters, and What to Do About It

When future generations reflect on the fall of the American republic, they'll no doubt get a chuckle over our obsession with having every aspect of our lives carefully legislated, to the point that our proto-emperors have now taken it upon themselves to dictate where and how their millions of citizens might relieve themselves.Keep in mind we already have laws concerning toilet problems.  Whether you are worried about hygiene, or sound plumbing, or commodes-per-occupant, or sewage treatment, … [Read more...]

Look Mom, I Found the Porn!

This week over at the Catholic Conspiracy, we watch me lose my temper at the people who tell me I need to calm down and get along about that porn basket.But they’re taped shut. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re selling pornography at your store. You’re telling the world that it’s fine to buy and sell this stuff. You’re making the decision to attract buyers of pornography to your business. But that guy who runs the stall is just trying to make a living. That’s right. He’s decided he … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong with BDSM Anyway?

Quick reminder: I write about adult topics.  If your kid reads my blog, your kid is traveling in grown-up land.Way back a year-and-some ago when I wrote a Christian primer on BDSM, a reader complained, and I paraphrase: She never explained why BDSM was wrong!  She just assumed that it was!Today is the day I fill in that blank.  Before you begin reading, please refer to the original post for important background info on what BDSM is and how disorders of arousal fit into the moral life … [Read more...]

Sexual Bravado vs. Sexual Maturity

My 8th grader was describing an acquaintance of the same age, and I paraphrase: Her rallying cry is, "Let's go f*** some sh** up!"  She says never posts *full* nudes of herself, so it's okay.  She's obsessed with having a boyfriend, and she keeps asking me what it's like to actually talk to a boy. This is the middle school narrative: If you sext, brandish vulgar language, and organize your life around the quest for a boyfriend, you're the sophisticated one -- even if you've never had a real c … [Read more...]

Whom Does Modesty Serve?

I've got sex on the brain, and before I start into that conversation, I want to lay out a few comments about the limits of modesty.Here's a quick working definition: With respect to chastity, modesty is the collection of actions we take in order to safeguard our purity.  Modesty includes not only the way we dress, but the way we interact with others.There are of course other areas where modesty applies -- with respect to our wealth, our accomplishments, and so forth.  For your homework, y … [Read more...]