How to Make Sense of Pope Francis News, This Saturday on Outside the Walls

Yesterday I had more fun than a person should be allowed to have before 10AM, recording my contribution to the July 4th segment of Outside the Walls with Timothy Putnam.  The topic was my blog post on Weird Things Pope Francis Says.  What you get if you tune in Saturday morning:Tim & I talking about communication styles, and how that affects our reading of the Bible, the Pope, and Everything.  (Evangelization is a nice slice of the Everything.) The scoop on how you can get reliable Po … [Read more...]

Pastoral Care on the Radio, Love of God & Neighbor in Print – Updated

UPDATED to fix the link.  My apologies! *** I was amused at some of the reactions to my post about my formative youth group experience.For those who are concerned that I haven't got a pastoral side to me, tune in to the Mike Allen Radio show this Friday morning (or catch it on podcast later), where we'll be talking about how the Church can navigate the challenges of employees who publicly reject Catholic teaching.  Hint: You can get an idea of what I think by reading this post.For tho … [Read more...]

Conference Update: Saturdays Specials, Catholic Success & a Full House for Distracted Parenting 101

A little update from the Midlands Homeschool Convention, where I'm making my home-away-from-home this week:1. Saturday Specials: Free Exhibit Hall Admission for everyone, and $20 family day passes for the workshops.  Worth a look.  Lots of vendors of interest to any parent -- educational toys, books, colleges . . . good stuff.2. The Catholic Exhibit just plain rocks.  Why yes, we are the coolest thing there, though admittedly the Kapla blocks people are a pretty close second. And it's no … [Read more...]

Gone Conferencing . . .

See you there!  … [Read more...]

How Do I Get the Kids to Behave in Class? There’s a book for that.

My book is up on the block today at Simcha Fisher's NFP Week Giveaway extravaganza.  Go enter now, and you can also try for the sauerkraut-making kit and 13 other great prizes.Tomorrow, the good sports will be asking, "Since I didn't win that one copy, should I just spend the $7 on my very own?"Yes, I think you probably should.Classroom Management for Catechists is for you if:You teach religious education. You do some other activity that involves a roomful of monkeys sweet, … [Read more...]

Meet-the-Author and Other Fun Writing Events

Catholic Writers Conference registration is still open, and the schedule of events for the conference is here.  As you can see, it's pretty much a wonderland of Catholic writing fun.  I love this conference, and recommend it to anyone interested in writing who is able to attend.  Yet more details, including information on pitch sessions, can be found at the conference main page.I will not be in Chicago, see "recent illness", but my publisher will be.  So you can get all the little purple book … [Read more...]