Conservative Healthcare Reform

In reaction to the proposed Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act, some have asserted that the only way to provide health care coverage to the poor is via an insurance mandate and a single-payer system.I don't believe that's true.  There are no doubt other good solutions, but I'll toss out an idea for a system that conservatives could love. #1 Cut the cord between employment and insurance. Employer-provided health insurance stifles the labor market. It leads to underemployment as … [Read more...]

Why Conservatives Should Support Wetlands Protection Laws

This article from The State newspaper came to my attention this morning.  It concerns a proposed law that would, its opponents say, make it easier for developers to build on wetlands and other protected areas.I haven't researched the law, so I'm not writing on the particulars of it.  Like many conservatives, I'm generally in favor of less bureaucracy rather than more.  Like many conservative conservationists, I don't automatically fall in with every single "green" idea heaped on the en … [Read more...]

Why SC Shuts Down When Weather Gets Near Us

Related:  Over at the Conspiracy I give instructions on how to watch the evacuation live, including the understatedly-impressive I-26 lane reversal.***Here's Governor Haley acting like you might hope, say, a president would act:You can like her politics or not, but at least we as a nation have hope that there are some moderately-competent politicians in the pipeline for less disastrous election years to come.Meanwhile, let's talk about South Carolina's habit of taking … [Read more...]

Immigration Policy and the Moral Law

“You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor." Leviticus 19:15 This month over at (the extremely right-leaning) Chronicles magazine, Karina Rollins is reporting on the epidemic of sexual assaults committed by migrants in Germany.  To recap the situation, a few links from across the spectrum:Here's a detailed report from the Gatestone Institute - useful because of the summary of inc … [Read more...]

Can Land’s End Be Saved? Three Strategies

I thought I was done with this topic, but no b-school case study is complete until the student has proposed solutions.  I've got three.1. New management.  I realize political and religious tests are popular in certain quarters, but I don't hold with that for a moment.  If Frederica Marchionni is capable of leading an American retailer, by all means keep her on.  It appears she's generated massive mistrust from all quarters, and that she lacks either a grasp of her customer base or a grasp of … [Read more...]

Bad Business: Land’s End Goes Over the Edge

I haven't written up a business case study in ages, but the latest Land's End fiasco was fodder for discussion among the family this evening.  A few quick points that I think shed light on Steinem debacle.As my beloved finance professor always said, financial reports contain no answers, only questions.  Still, you can take a look at Land's End's financials here, and the Q3 2015 earnings report is chilling.  All is not well.The brand has been losing itself for years.  My husband (tall, thi … [Read more...]

Refugees vs. Enemies – We’ve Done this Before

There is no getting around the fact that the terrorists in Paris took advantage of an assortment of accommodations for refugees and immigrants in order to murder their hosts. Abuse does not disprove right use, but right use doesn't excuse abuse, either.  What's a civilized nation to do? This is not a new question for the United States. *** My grandmother's grandmother, sixteen at the time, got on a boat in the late 1800's and traveled from Germany to visit a friend who'd moved to the United … [Read more...]