10 Minutes to Summarize American Culture

If you want to understand where America stands, pay attention to the Super Bowl half-time show.I mean this from a purely sociological standpoint.My reasoning:The Super Bowl is the single event that unites the entire country.  It transcends race, gender, social class, politics, religion and every other divide. The Super Bowl is considered family viewing. The people who put on the Super Bowl have a vested interest in maintaining this peak spot on the cultural mountain as the one A … [Read more...]

For Your Next Film, Sound, Photography or Design Project . . .

. . . consider calling Sean O'Halloran.I rarely blog about it, but a few readers know that I sometimes take on private writing or editing projects.  Most recently I got to work with Sean O'Halloran from SO' Creative on a film project for a small parish group.  We were both working pro-bono -- he did the filming, I was the primary author on the script.Lesson learned: This is a guy you want on your short list.He doesn't monkey around.  Even though he was working purely as a volunteer on … [Read more...]

Is Your Catholic School Any Good?

The other week a friend was sharing in a private discussion group about how her child was being bullied over at the local public school.  She asked for advice and prayers, then added, "I'm hoping we can get financial aid for Catholic school for next year."That comment caused another member of the group to say, "You know, it was at Catholic school that I was bullied all those years.  I begged my parents to take me out, but they wouldn't."About that same time, another friend, in a c … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes in Catholic Blogging

It is no surprise, given the violence and destruction the enemy is wreaking in the physical world, that the Church would likewise be under vicious attack. I’d like to address some questions readers have about professional Catholic blogging, and before I begin, here’s a passage of Scripture I think sets the right framework for us: 3 Whoever teaches something different and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the religious teaching 4 is conceited, understanding not … [Read more...]

So You Want to Bring Your Kids Back to the Catholic Church?

I spent this weekend with as fine a portion of the Knights of Columbus and the Columbiettes as you could hope to meet.  Super group, truly a privilege to be among them. Thank you, prayer team, for your support in making this weekend work, you made all the difference.My hosts told me I could use the lunch hour to talk about anything I wanted, so (surprise!) I talked about evangelization.And thus a follow-up, which I've cross-posted over at my personal blog:If you'd like to continue t … [Read more...]

Easter, Better Late than Never

I would like to tell you something interesting that happened for my Easter present.  It was these two things:My parish did not cancel the regularly-scheduled Sunday evening Mass on Easter. I went to it.The whole story isn't so important, but we must emphasize, concerning #2, that I was not being one of these venerable church-helping souls who ends up at three different Masses on the holiday. Though I be a Triduum-loving girl to the core, and though I certainly did not mean to … [Read more...]

The John 4 Lenten Faith Check

Every Lent we come around to the reading of the royal official whose son was dying.  It's a study in what it means to have faith in Jesus.   Here are my thoughts on that, which originally ran at CatholicMom.com. ***  Today’s Gospel: John 4:43-54How far would you travel to save your child? If you knew the cure was a two day walk away, would you walk it? Of course you would.The royal official who sets out to find Jesus knows that Jesus can heal his son. If he has any doubts, at t … [Read more...]