Quick Links – SC, the Confederate Flag, Speaking Out Against Bigotry. Sursum Corda!

As I write this, there's a rally at the SC Statehouse about to get underway, and you can read what the organizers had planned at Brad Warthen's place.  [Tip: He's a good guy to follow for all things SC Politics.]Some quick thoughts and links:1. It's time for the Confederate flag to move all the way off the statehouse grounds.2. I love this photo of the Daughters of St. Paul praying in front of Mother Emmanuel AME Church. Put that in your head as you read Peggy Noonan's tribute to the … [Read more...]

On Racism in the American South and the Shock of the Charleston Shootings

When I first heard about the murders at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church down in Charleston, the news was barely onto it.  So I went where the reporters were going, which is #CharlestonShooting on Twitter.  It's a hashtag that's been used before, for a different white-on-black shooting.  If you peruse the comments with any sense of interest in your fellow man, you'll note the race theme real quick.  At this writing,  half a day later, all the evidence is pointing towards an unequivocally hate- … [Read more...]

Doesn’t get much more unqualified than this . . .

. . . That would be me, writing about "loving your enemies."  Ha.It's the 16th of the month, which means I'm all pre-prayed over at CatholicMom.com.  One of those days when you have no choice but to lay it all out:One of my chronic frustrations is that it seems like my pagan friends are such better people than me. They are kinder and more merciful; they work harder – why can’t I be as virtuous as they are? Our Lord reminds me of that today, pointing out, “If you love those who love you, … [Read more...]

How to Idiot Proof Your Parish and Diocese Against the Sexual Abuse Crisis

The idiots in question are ordinary people like yourself, busy, overwhelmed with responsibilities, always trying to figure out which situations are the most desperate and which are okay enough to leave be for the moment.   Elizabeth Scalia and others report on the latest round of resigning bishops, and here's the thing you need to understand: That diocese is just like yours, and by that I mean it is filled with people like you.--> In the unlikely event that you're one of those people who … [Read more...]

What Not to Read When You’ve Got a Rash

I don't have a rash, so I can read this book:Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science by Atul Guwande.What it is: Published in 2003, so technically it's sort of old, in medical-technology years, but no, not really I don't think so, the book is a discussion of the imprecisions and hazards of practicing medicine, told from the point of view of a freshly-minted surgeon.You get a combination of riveting stories (including a time Dr. Guwande really screwed up), statistics, … [Read more...]

Don’t Kill People with Disabilities. Especially Family. @BADDtweets

I'm reminded by Ruth at Wheelie Catholic that May 1 is Blogging Against Disablism Day.  My message this year is real simple: Don't kill innocent people.  Specifically we'll talk this year about the people in your family. Do not kill them. 1. Don't kill your children.  Even the disabled ones. If you are hoping to have a child, do not make plans to kill that child if he or she isn't good enough for you.  That's fake parenting.  There are plenty of real parents out there who understand that when y … [Read more...]

The Kissable God

The feasts of the liturgical year intertwine.  At Christmas we adore the baby Jesus, cuddly, but it's on Good Friday that the liturgy invites us to come forward and give that grown-up baby a kiss.  God become man, a man we can hold, and touch, and thank.  And then on Easter, Mary Magdalene, apostle to the Apostles, mistress of tenderness, embraces that Man and is told to let go: There is more still coming.There is still more coming.  From the God who can be kissed.Happy Eas … [Read more...]