Something Useful: Cursive Worksheet Generator – You Specify the Text

What I'm thinking about today is . . . cursive.  This site rescued a child of mine this morning: Cursive Handwriting Practice Worksheet Generator.  You can make your own custom sheets with whatever letters, words, or sentences you like.  It's free to use for your private, educational use. Bronzino [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons … [Read more...]

In Favor of Incompetent Housewives

 Your must-read column for today is Calah Alexander's essay on what it's like being part of the current generation of incompetents, "Those Pathetic Millenial Moms.". . .  I was raised by a loving, attentive mother who stayed home until I was in high school. But culture is pervasive. Kids learn it through osmosis, and unless you lock them in a fortress, they’re gonna pick up on it. “Stay-at-home-mom” had a negative connotation for me from the time I began hearing “mom” qualified as su … [Read more...]

Affordable, Faithful Catholic Education: Online Catholic Schools?

One of the challenges in rearing our children is giving them an education that is faithful to Catholic teaching and is also physically and financially feasible.  In many areas there are excellent Catholic schools; a few dioceses have taken brilliant initiatives to make it possible for all parishioners to attend, regardless of financial need.  That said, we can hardly describe America in 2014 as a wonderland of orthodox parochial education.Over at this month, I'm discussing w … [Read more...]

Remedial Organizational Skills with Jennifer: Dry Erase Boards

 Up at The true story of how I fell in love with dry erase boards.90% of you will read and shake your heads with pity.  I am not here for you.  Go alphabetize your sock drawer or something.You the 10%, you are my people.  Distracted Mothers of the World, Unite! We can schedule an appointment just as soon as we figure out where the baby hid the calendar. Image copyright Jennifer Fitz 2014 . . . but why? … [Read more...]

3 Ways Homeschoolers Socialize Differently than School Kids

I've been in the depths of back-to-school preparation on multiple fronts, and I'm continually astonished that people still bring up the old "socialization" thing with respect to homeschooling.  So let's be blunt: Homeschoolers do not socialize the way school kids do.  It's a spectrum, of course.  There are many school families that don't get sucked into the assembly-line socialization rut, and thus teach their kids to cultivate a mature social life long before graduation.  There are likewise … [Read more...]

No School – Earthquake Day

The boy logged in to find out what time his first orientation class was this morning, only to see, "Class cancelled, earthquake."We figured that's what children pray for in places that don't snow. *** FYI if you're in an earthquake-relieving state of mind, you can skip the bucket of ice water and go straight to donating.  Kolbe Academy reports they'd be grateful for some generous souls willing to fund the feeding of the volunteers coming to clean up their offices. Please feel free to post … [Read more...]

The Nerd Boy Silver Lining

On the one hand, a certain child of mine spends way too much time on the computer.  (Where does he get it from?) On the other hand: Boy: Mom, we really have to get that webcam for school.  Class is going to start.  You have to get this.Mom: Yes, that's fine.  Research webcams and have a proposal* ready for your father tonight.Boy: What's the budget?Mom: Make us a set of best choices at each price point, with a discussion of the technical features for each. Not only will he do it, bu … [Read more...]